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The Dark Art of Pedal Chaining:The Dark Art of Pedal Chaining:

So, you’ve accumulated a bunch of pedals and now’s the time to set them all up and unleash Sonic mayhem… but in what order do they go? Well, the truth is that there are no

Fuzzy, Overdriven Distortion! The best of all worlds…….?Fuzzy, Overdriven Distortion! The best of all worlds…….?

One of the really good bits about working here at Scan Towers, is the chance to test the cool new pedals that arrive here daily, but just the other day I found myself contemplating just

Focusrite Academy : Drum RecordingFocusrite Academy : Drum Recording

Starting out on the engineering road can be quite daunting, especially for instrumentalists, often more used to gigging than studio sessions. Well, fret no more as Focusrite have opened their Academy, a free online video

Thomas Blug Signature Pedals by XViveThomas Blug Signature Pedals by XVive

For those of you unfamiliar with the Xvive range of pedals, I’ve waxed lyrical about them before, but essentially these are USA designed, Chinese made ‘Micro’ pedals that sound very, very cool and take up

The Scan Pro Audio ShowThe Scan Pro Audio Show

The Scan Pro Audio Show: Preview episode      Many of you will remember our Pro Audio Webcasts which ran until the back end of last year. For those of you that didn’t manage to

Cover Page!Cover Page!

 Congratulations to our own Pete Gardner on reaching the cover page of the prestigious Sound on Sound magazine! Pete has been a contributor for a while now, but this month, he has put together the

Its that time again!!!!Its that time again!!!!

It’ll soon be that time of year again!!! Whilst I don’t like to start any kind of festivities until around a fortnight before Christmas, we have to acknowledge that for Mums and Dads especially, they

Errrrm, 417 Sleeps……..Errrrm, 417 Sleeps……..

So, the best laid plans of Mice and Men eh? The Manchester Music show has been postponed by a year, and now has a new home to boot…. It will take place on the 6th