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Native Instruments unleash their largest ever range refresh!Native Instruments unleash their largest ever range refresh!

Native Instruments have really gone all out this year, with a huge range refresh taking place and a raft of new products fresh out of Berlin. Komplete 12  The flagship collection package reaches it’s 12th

The Denon MCX8000 Dj ControllerThe Denon MCX8000 Dj Controller

Denon MCX8000

Denon ahead of NAMM this year have announced the MCX8000 DJ controller. Whilst it isn't the first time that we've seen all in one (laptop not required) controllers, and certainly Pioneer already has a few

Native Instruments Launches The Much Anticipated Stems Format With A Range Of Kontrol Offers.Native Instruments Launches The Much Anticipated Stems Format With A Range Of Kontrol Offers.

Native Instruments this week brought their much anticipated "Stems" format to fruition, with a dedicated site launched to support this exciting new format. To help celebrate its launch, prices have been dropped on a number

Christmas: Old ideas: New Instruments……Christmas: Old ideas: New Instruments……

  Old Ideas : New Instruments With Christmas fast approaching, many parents look at options for presents for their little darlings, and many of them will consider a musical instrument as parents have done over

Novation Reveal The Launch Control XL ControllerNovation Reveal The Launch Control XL Controller

Novation today has supersized its popular Ableton controller into the Launch Control XL edition. This new Launch Control XL has a total of 16 buttons, 24 knobs and 8 faders which all integrate seamlessly with

Alphasphere NexusAlphasphere Nexus

    Every so often, a product comes along that excites me. It can be for different reasons, sound, control, ’newness’ etc. This one excites me, frankly because it looks like something Doctor Who might

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1

The Native Instruments Traktor Z1 is the ultimate, stick-it-in-yer-bag portable addon for Traktor users, both on PC and Mac, but also for Traktor DJ on iOS. Fully compatible with all of the versions of Traktor,

Numark Mixtrack Quad and Mixtrack EdgeNumark Mixtrack Quad and Mixtrack Edge

Numark have pulled out a couple of variations to their Mixtrack II controller. Mixtrack Quad seems to add two extra channels and gain controls to the mixer, alongside some extra coloured LED’s for a total

Breakdown of Ableton Live 9’s features: Suite,Standard or Intro?Breakdown of Ableton Live 9’s features: Suite,Standard or Intro?

After our debut Webcast on Saturday 16th March (click here to go to archived video) We’ve had lots of questions about the new features and what is the best version to buy. I’ll break down the key

Launchpad Launch On Your Pad.Launchpad Launch On Your Pad.

If you have an iPad already this is surely the no brainer of the year. The rather excellent functionality of the Launchpad is now available for free in App form from the iTunes store. Head