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Universal Audio – Live NAMM Webcasts with Special Guests

Universal Audio are once again webcasting their producer seminars from the Namm show this week over in Anaheim, with special guest sessions from Christian “Leggy” Langdon (The Pierces, Ed Sheeran), Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams), Derek Ali (Kendrick Lamar, Top Dawg Ent), Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) and UA stalwart Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson).

Sessions start at 3PM (11PM GMT) Thursday and 1PM (9PM GMT ) at the weekend.

Welcome to UA's NAMM 2016 Landing Page

Session times are as follows.

Fab Dupont
Daily 4.30pm PST  (GMT-8) 

Tracking and Mixing with Next-Generation Apollos (Daily)
Watch producer/engineer Fab demonstrate the next evolution of the Apollo interface and how it can expand your studio and your sound. Featuring the Dede track, “Sun Kissed Lover.”
Christian “Leggy” Langdon - Live Tracking with Apollo Twin 
Daily 3.30 / 5.00pm PST
Showcase Apollo Twin and the latest UAD plug-ins.
Featuring the Jasmine Ash track, “Talking.”

Mick Guzauski – Recording with Apollo
Thursday 3pm, Friday & Saturday 1pm
Showcase Track with Big Data.

Welcome to UA's NAMM 2016 Landing Page

Derek Ali Mixing with Apollo and UAD
Friday & Saturday 3pm
Showcase Track with Kendrick Lamar.

Vance Powell Mixing with Apollo and UAD
Sunday 1pm & 3pm
Showcase Track with Chris Stapleton.

Follow this link for the livestream 

Discover The Universal Audio Apollo Range @ Scan


Yay!!! We did it!!

So, to anyone who’s been following our exploits with the webcasting shows on Thursday nights, last night’s broadcast was a first for us in that we managed to incorporate not one but two live interviews via Skype!

We were joined in the Scan studios by Kevin Bent, MD of Adam UK, distributors of some of the finest monitors in the world and we had hatched a plot to interview the founder of the company, Herr Klaus Heinz, at his offices in Germany.


When Kev arrived he suggested we try and get one of his many endorsees to do a Skype interview as well, and after a couple of attempts he managed to get hold of one of the UK’s foremost producers Roska, whose credits include Jessie J amongst others..

Roska agreed to call into the offices of Rinse FM and conduct a Skype interview on his mobile phone.


Later, after some in-depth discussion of room treatments by our own resident Autobot, we then hooked up with Klaus for some very informative views on the industry and his products.


If you didn’t manage to catch it, check it out on our You Tube channel along with all our other archives……

You couldn't write it…………..

So, by way of an apology to all of you who tuned in to last night’s webcast, let me explain a little of what happened, however, please believe whatever you read here will never convey the trauma and frustration we experienced first hand……..disappointed

OK, we’d actually done 3 live webcasts up to last night, and each time we’re getting better.

You start off, just pleased that you’ve managed to get a whole show out live.

Then, you start getting a little bit clever.

Then, you start planning Hollywood style special FX and state of the art technological links, that would put NASA to shame.

But the reeeeeeally frustrating bit….

The reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally frustrating bit is…..

that we’d done it.

We weren’t overreaching ourselves.

We had worked out exactly what we could do, and how to do it.

Tom had spent all day tweaking and refining the thing, and it was working beautifully.

I mean beauuuuuuutifully!

We had a virtual TV stage.

We had a video wall.

We had super slinky titles and graphics.

We had a really good webcast.

With an hour to go, we were quietly excited and optimistic.

happier times

And then,

With 2 minutes to go…..

Let me say that again.


Someone stood on the mains power cable, that powered all the computers, sound cards, monitors, in fact everything that we needed, everything we had worked on, ALL Toms effort’s gone.

To make matters worse, it was a simple mistake by our special guest.


Our lovely, knowledgable, special guest presenter stood on our lead.

Don’t get us wrong.

This wasn’t even his fault!! HE was helping us by passing over a phone we thought hadn’t been switched off.

And we aren’t holding him to blame.

It was our fault that we hadn’t got a back up in place.

It was our fault we hadn’t Gaffered the mains leads to the floor.

It was our fault that we didn’t have a UPS unit.

And Chris felt terrible. Which we didn’t want him to.

BUT, after all that.

We never gave up.

Winston Churchill would’ve been proud.Churchill_portrait_NYP_45063

“Never ever ever give up!” He said.

And we didn’t.

We persevered.

Tom had 15 minutes to try and fix what had taken all day to set up.


We had audio glitches. We had Periods of silence.

The PC was so spangled by the abrupt cut-off of life giving 240v, that it collapsed under the weight of our request for it to remember all the configurations of the day, and decided it would revert to being not much more complicated than a toaster, and refused to play ball at any level.

In the end we put out a webcast that was in two halves.

The first was an abortive attempt to push all the previous efforts together and force the thing to work.

It didn’t.

So we gave Tom a further 10 minutes to re-boot, start from scratch, and just get something to work.


And so, set against the only picture background we had ( a Chinese village, from which ironically, some of the parts for the equipment were probably manufactured…) Chris managed to give a 40 minute demonstration of Bass Station 2.

So the moral of the Story:

 Back everything up, all the time! And Gaffa Tape your power leads to the floor……


We will be back.

Next week in fact.

And we’re booked throughout June and July, so watch this space for further details….

And above all…

Keep smiling   smile


Scan Pro Audio Webcast: What did you miss?

Scan Webcast 16th March: What did you miss?


So, did you tune in?

If not, what  did you miss, and will we be doing it again?

indexOK, basically we think this is the start of something cool.

Advertising agencies have been predicting that this is the way forward in the future.

You see, with the advent of You Tube, we have all become very good at searching out niche content, i.e. content that’s of interest to ourselves but maybe not to other people in our house or community.

It could be guitar lessons, old footage of previous PGA Golf competitions, synchronised swimming, doesn’t matter, the idea is that it’s your interest, and not necessarily anyone elses…

What the agencies are predicting is that with the proliferation of Smart phones, iPads and tablets, more and more of us will be tempted to seek out our own programming, ( as opposed to 15 years ago, when everyone gathered around the family television to watch a soap opera or whatever.)

However, the other thing the people in the know are saying, is that people are now becoming a lot more discerning. With cable providers like Virgin Media supplying You Tube as a channel on your TV set, viewers are less likely to watch the ‘old school’ type of you tube clip, with some murky, shadowy character showing you how to play Stairway to Heaven sat on the end of his bed, in favour of higher production values that look more like the sort of HD TV show they’re used to….

And that, was what we were trying to do on Saturday,

……………………and I’m pleased to say, we succeeded!

We managed to broadcast a high quality stream from the Scan in house Theatre, and Simon Lyon gave a preview of the new Ableton live 9 suite, while Luke from Korg  gave a great demonstration of the new King Korg analog synthesiser.

What was great was that during the broadcast we were taking questions from the viewers, live in realtime, and we were able to answer and use those questions as part of the show.

So, here’s to the future…

We want to become known for a weekly webcast that features demonstrations of new kit, tips and tricks with well known software, recording  advice etc. in fact everything you’d want from a Pro Audio show.

We’ll keep you posted with our plans for the future, but for now you can check out the first show here:

Simon shows off some new features in Ableton 9.

Luke from Korg showing off the King Korg synth.