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Ableton – "Beat the Clock" Remix Competition

Ableton Beat the Clock remix Competition

Remix and Win a Trip to Berlin With Ableton And Sound Cloud.


For the next two weeks Ableton & Soundcloud are running their “Beat the Clock” remix competition with loads of great prizes including a 4 night stay in Berlin.

About the “Beat The Clock” Competition

Ableton has teamed up with SoundCloud and collaborated with some of our favorite artists for this very special contest. A free Live Pack featuring sounds from atmospheric pop titan M83, indie electronic stars Junior Boys, and LA beatmaker Nosaj Thing is available to all Live users from May 14th through May 28th. Use these loops, stems and presets to create a new, original track.

One catch: you only have 24 hours to create and submit your work.

The countdown starts with your download. Get your creative juices flowing and show us what you can do in just one day. After all entries have been submitted, the SoundCloud community and the artists themselves will choose the best tracks. Prizes include a trip to Berlin, Ableton Suite with free upgrades for life, five years of a SoundCloud Pro Plus account and more.

Don’t own a version of Ableton Live 8 yet?

Here are 3 options for you to get Ableton Live 8 and participate:

  • Get a free 30-day trial of Ableton Live. It comes with the full feature set.
  • Until May 31st 2012, all SoundCloud users can get a free Ableton Live Lite 8 serial number. To claim your free Live Lite license, head to Ableton Live in the SoundCloud App Gallery, and click “Get This App”. Once you’ve signed up with Ableton, you’ll instantly be granted your free license.
  • If you own an older version of Ableton Live, upgrade to Live 8 before May 31st and get 5 free months of a SoundCloud Pro account.


1st prize winner receives:

  • Round trip to Berlin for two people including the following: Hotel stay for 4 nights, visits to the Ableton and SoundCloud headquarters, and a session with Ableton’s Lead Product Specialist
  • Ableton Suite with free upgrades for life
  • 5 year SoundCloud Pro Plus account
  • 1 Akai APC40

2nd + 3rd prize winners receive:

  • Ableton Suite with free upgrades for life
  • 5 year SoundCloud Pro Plus account
  • 1 Novation Launchpad

4th-10th prize winners receive:

  • Session with an Ableton Certified Trainer in your city or online training from one of our partners
  • 1 year SoundCloud Pro Plus account

For more information on this contest, as well as the full entry guidelines click here.

Ableton At Scan


Native Instruments this week has announced a major overhaul of it’s industry leading Traktor platform and hardware range.

What Native Instruments say:

Native Instruments TRAKTOR has been defining DJ standards for over a decade, and now we’re mixing things up again – twice. Both TRAKTOR PRO and the whole range of TRAKTOR products are set to raise the bar once more:

Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 with Remix Decks™ is set to arrive on May 30th 2012 – the same day TRAKTOR KONTROL F1, the ultimate DJ Remix controller, hits stores worldwide.

If you currently use TRAKTOR PRO 2 or DUO 2, you’ll automatically receive a free update*. Even if you have an older generation of TRAKTOR, you can still step up to the latest version at a very special price for a limited time.

Ready to remix one.

The world-renowned, rock-solid DJ software just got even more creative. Featuring Remix Decks™, TruWave colored waveforms, powerful looping and cueing functionality and an exceptional effects suite, this is the most advanced version of TRAKTOR ever. Seamlessly merge the worlds of DJing and live performance, and elevate your mixes to new heights.

  • Intuitive: Plug and play operation of hardware and software
  • Creative: Powerful looping, cueing and Remix Decks™ with incredible effects
  • Addictive: TRAKTOR adapts to your workflow for absolute ease of use


  • Remix Decks are the latest TRAKTOR innovation, letting you select from up to 64 loops and one-shot samples per deck. Any of the four decks in TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 can be switched to be a Remix Deck
  • Each Remix Deck offers four different Slots (columns), ideal for arranging sounds and loops by instrument groups e.g. different drum, bass, percussion loops. Play one sound per column – a total of four samples at any one time.
  • Use loops from the included sound content or import any loops and sounds of your own
  • Develop your own unique trademark sound and build a personal arsenal of sounds by live-capturing your favorite loops while DJing

The stylish multi-color pads and ergonomic faders make TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 the ultimate controller for a Remix Deck. Any sound or loop can be assigned a specific RGB color, either in the software or via the controller
  • A Remix Set™ is the combination of 64 loops and one-shot samples and their respective beat grids and BPMs – stored and loaded just like a regular track in the browser
  • Control the entire Remix Deck via Native Scratch timecode control with vinyl or CDs – or scratch using the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4/S2 jog wheels. Each Remix Deck has its own transport, sync, and tempo master controls

  • To add more flavor, you can choose which slots are fed through TRAKTOR’s FX units, or even play samples in reverse
  • The Punch mode allows for instant switching between different loops in one instrument group, in perfect phase – switch from one drum loop to the next exactly on the 2 and 4 snares
  • Additionally, the Remix Deck quantize can be set to different values for full control of the musical phrasing




  • Rewritten tempo detection for improved accuracy, developed from analysing thousands of tracks from various genres
  • New “downbeat” auto-detection improves auto-beat-gridding and phase recognition
  • Convenient analysis options when importing files to your collection – set the tempo range by BPM
  • Much improved BPM detection on tracks with variable tempo, (such as “live” drummer genres) – now detects average BPM
  • Rewritten Tempo-Tap – instant and simple realignment anytime your tracks drifts away from the grid over time
  • Manually adjusted grids, (and all BPM-locked tracks) keep their position and tempo from previous versions

If you’re using TRAKTOR DUO 2 or TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2, you can update for free to TRAKTOR PRO 2.5. This gives you a whole batch of amazing new features to play with on top of the new Remix Decks and improved beat detection (see above for more details).

  • Four fully assignable effects units (instead of two fixed ones), and two effects modes – Group and Single. Also includes 26 additional effects
  • Now offers the Loop Recorder, for recording live loops from any channel
  • In the internal software mixer, you’ll now find an assignable crossfader and the addition of classic filter types
  • Now possible to customize and store software layouts and deck details – e.g. display a beat counter in deck header
  • Sync with MASCHINE and other performance tools
  • Addition of internet broadcasting

The Native Instruments Traktor range is available from Scan

The Native Instruments Traktor Homepage

Pioneer announce the RMX-1000

Pioneer expand their DJ range’s overall functionality, by bringing a interesting new effects box to the market. We didn’t quite expect this, but seeing the integration in the promotional  video below, it does certainly look a lot of fun in use.

The most interesting feature here is the ability to build up and store your own custom effects chains where you can prebuild scenes that allow you quick and easy access during your live performances, ensureing that you don’t have to scramble about whilst your playing. You could certainly craft your own signiture sound by careful selection of the processing taking place and as Pioneer are making a number of “effects of the stars” type packs available upon the units release, you should be able to learn from them and develop your own style fairly quickly.

So what do Pioneer have to say?

Key features of the Pioneer RMX-1000

    1.     Club quality and fully customisable remix station unit

The ultimate multi-use unit, the Pioneer RMX-1000 can be used with mixers, CDJs and laptops in the booth, or with a PC in the studio for recording and producing.

With fully customisable settings, the Pioneer RMX-1000 offers the kind of flexibility never before seen in hardware. The control parameters can be completely modified using the remixbox software included.

The hardware offers three ways to access settings. Default activates Pioneer’s intuitive factory settings. And User settings can be stored on the unit, or on an SD card to be taken along to the booth – DJs simply plug their SD card in to get immediate access to their personalised controls. And Pioneer plans to make settings from internationally renowned DJs such as Chuckie, Kissy Sell Out, Kutski, James Zabiela, Doorly and Laidback Luke available for DJs to download.

The unit’s user-friendly, intuitive controls are divided into four categories:

 Scene FX

  • The Scene FX wheel allows DJs to build up and break down tracks by combining ten types of effects.
  • Use the top section to build up, adding effects like Noise, Echo and Spiral Up and the bottom section to break down, cutting sounds with effects like Crush Echo, Spiral Down and Reverb Down.
  • Twist the central knob to move from Wet to Dry to add pitch and intensity to the effect that’s in play.
  • Plus, two sub-parameter dials allow DJs to manipulate the Time and Resonance parameters for even more character.

 Isolator FX

  • Inherited from Pioneer’s high-end DJM-1000 mixer, the Pioneer RMX-1000’s isolators allow DJs to change the main audio input’s rhythm and timbre using hi-, mid- and low-frequency bands.
  • Plus, three effects are loaded into the dials for even more flexibility: Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate/Drive.


X-Pad – with exclusive Pitch control

  • DJs will be itching to get their fingers on the Pioneer  RMX-1000’s intuitive X-Pad. Evolved from Pioneer’s flagship mixer, the DJM-900nexus, the touch-sensitive X-Pad reaches new levels of ingenuity on the Pioneer RMX-1000.
    • DJs can instantly get involved with the unit’s drum samples by tapping the individual sample buttons (Kick, Snare, Clap and Hi-Hat), or by using the X-Pad to roll (repeat) the samples at different speeds.
    • DJs can record their own beats and patterns on the fly by switching on Overdub, then use Roll and Mute to manipulate each sample in a variety of impressive combinations.
    • The Quantize button snaps each tap of the sample pads to the nearest beat, so DJs always sound on time.
    • And for truly unique performances, DJs can add up to 16 samples across the four sample banks, which they can instantly trigger and manipulate during live performance.
    • For unprecedented flexibility on the fly, DJs can edit the sample banks through remixbox and even alter them during play.
    • And, as if that wasn’t enough, the RMX-1000’s exclusive Pitch knob alters the pitch to add even more character to each repeated beat.

Release FX

  • The DJ’s get-out-of-jail-free card, the Release FX allows DJs to elegantly and seamlessly exit complex effect combinations and return to the original track.
  • Three modes with three customisable speeds – Spin Back, Echo and Break ­­­– allow DJs to choose exactly how they want to return to normal play.
  • For even more flexibility, DJs don’t have to exit totally from the engaged effect; they can come partially out and go back in by manipulating the highly sensitive Release switch. Or they can cut the original track out completely so just the engaged effects are heard.

2.     Fully customisable with specially designed remixboxsoftware     

Designed by Pioneer exclusively for the RMX-1000, the remixbox software allows DJs to prepare mind-blowing sets – while the hardware leaves plenty of room for spontaneity on the night.

And DJs can use the software to modify the unit’s features and change its parameters for a truly personalised DJing experience. By hovering their mouse over the remixbox’s virtual Pioneer RMX-1000, DJs can edit features, change parameters or adjust effects on the hardware itself.

  1. 1.     First DJ-dedicated controller for Virtual Studio Technology/Audio Units

As the first VST/AU controller dedicated to the DJ industry, the Pioneer  RMX-1000 brings the operability of hardware into the recording studio.

By just plugging the unit into a laptop, DJs and producers can use the Pioneer  RMX-1000’s dedicated controls to manipulate the VST/AU’s exciting features.

There’s no need to fiddle around with the mouse and keyboard: just hit a button, twist a dial, or turn a knob – the Pioneer RMX-1000 literally puts every effect right at producers’ fingertips.

2.     Other features

  • High-quality sound design reduces noise for clear and pristine sound.
  • The Quantize function can be applied at any stage during play or production for real-time music analysis and automatic synchronisation of the beat.
  • NEW Auto BPM function automatically measures and follows the tempo of the music.
  • USB-MIDI connection means the Pioneer  RMX-1000 can be used as a MIDI controller.
  • Compact and sleek design makes the Pioneer  RMX-1000 highly portable – and it looks good as part of any DJ set-up.


The RMX-1000
The Pioneer RMX-1000

Main specifications – Pioneer RMX-1000 


RCA x 1 

6.3 mm jack x 1


RCA x 1 

6.3 mm jack x 1

Other ports

USB B port x 1

Sampling rate

48 kHz

A/D and D/A converter

24 bit

Frequency response

20 Hz – 20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

Max. 0.005%

S/N ratio

102 dB

Head room

20 dB


remixboxTM, RMX-1000 Plug-in

External dimensions

(W x D x H)

334 x 157 x 57 mm


1.3 kg


The RMX-1000 will be available from May 2012 with a RRP around £600.