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Free music packages for your studio DAW.Free music packages for your studio DAW.


For anyone just getting into making music the is an often bewildering choice of sequencers out there offering an astounding array of features that a few decades ago would have been unimaginable to anyone but

Steinberg Releases Cubase 9.0.10 UpdateSteinberg Releases Cubase 9.0.10 Update

So it’s been a few months since Steinberg released Cubase 9. A maintenance update has since been released which includes many bug fixes and improvements. The 143MB update (510MB for Mac users) is available for

Steinberg Release Cubase 9Steinberg Release Cubase 9

So the rumours were true…. Steinberg bring us the latest edition of their flagship production suite – Cubase 9. Following the same trend as previous revisions it comes in 3 forms – Pro, Artist and

Cubase 7: Voxengo Curve EQCubase 7: Voxengo Curve EQ

  Voxengo Curve EQ: Within Cubase 7 is a plug-in with a feature, which in essence has been around a while, but Voxengo really do make it easy to use…   I’m talking ‘Spectrum matching

CUBASE 7 is Here!!!!!CUBASE 7 is Here!!!!!

CUBASE 7: I’m very excited.   So, it’s here!! Forget Christmas, it’s the release of Steinberg’s Cubase 7, and I for one can’t wait. What’s so exciting? Well pretty much everything….. Starting with the overhaul

Steinberg release the Cubase 6.5 upgrade.Steinberg release the Cubase 6.5 upgrade.

Steinberg have today released a fairly major update for the ever popular Cubase 6 sequencer with a whole raft of new features to make it a worthy upgrade. Key features of the Steinberg Cubase 6.5

An Introduction to Music SequencersAn Introduction to Music Sequencers

One of the key choices faced by eveyone when starting out making music is which sequencer software to learn in order to be able to produce your own recordings. As the heart of any modern

64 Bit Computing for Windows Musicians64 Bit Computing for Windows Musicians

 This is an important decision that you need to make when choosing your new pc, not only for your operating system, but also for your DAW software. 32 bit systems are limited to 4gb