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Scan Computers International Ltd (Scan) was founded by Mr Shelley Raja in 1987 and is now a family run business employing 150 members of Staff at its main office in Bolton. Scan has over the years, built a solid reputation for being a quality and innovative supplier to the retail/e-tail markets.

Heavy investment in Scan’s backend systems combined with a great work force has allowed us to achieve an award winning service level whilst still being competitive in todays busy market place. During this time the corporate culture has changed from a family based company to a mid sized professional company and in the process adopted what we refer to as the 3XS mind set. This was the internal buzz word used several years back when the management made an active decision to excel in operational tasks, whilst being focused on customers requirements in a changing market place. The changes involved each and every company member at all levels and resulted into Scan being recognized as an award winning retailer/E-tailer.

Scan’s system build team have always concentrated on designing and suppling high performance systems that push the limits of and exceed customer expectations. It’s from this mindset that we launched our audio system range and picked up awards and great press from all of the specialist magazines. Following on from this success hardware suppliers approached us to carry more and more of the additional peripherals, until the point that around the start of 2011 we took an active decision to bring on more audio specialists and launching the Pro Audio department here in Scan.

Following on from the examples set by our other specialist teams, we strive to tests and rate all the hardware we can, cherry picking only the best kit from the market place so you can be assured that which ever solution you choose, it will be a great solution. Keep an eye out on the main Scan site for the 3XS approved badges offering opinions on hardware and explaining why we choose them, and watch out for more expanded articles hosted here where we hope to inform you about the very best hardware available and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about your hardware.