Computer Music - Hardware The Sound Of Silence – The Scan 3XS Passive Studio PC

The Sound Of Silence – The Scan 3XS Passive Studio PC

Scan 3xs Passive audio system cooler close up

The iconic image of a recording studio complete with sound treatment is a staple for good reason. Whilst it's not only crucial that you can hear everything clearly during the mixing stage, a low noise floor is essential when recording with sensitive mics, allowing you the ability to capture the perfect take every time.

Whilst a separate booth for recording is always ideal, this is unlikely to be viable for many working at home in a small studio space that has to be flexible enough to handle every task. Similarly, in larger studios you may find a dedicate machine room of to one side, hosting any noisy electronics and keeping the recording space free of background interference. However, few people are lucky enough to be able to work within such ideal studio spaces.

Our studio systems are always configured with low noise components in mind, with the aim to be out of earshot once under the desk. But if your studio recording space requires a perfectly silent solution, a fully passive system may prove to offer the ideal setup.

Scan 3XS Passive Silent audio workstation

AMD's regular edition chips sit closely in performance to their range leading "X" series counterparts already found in our workstation systems, although coming with a much reduced power requirement, they open up the possibility to work with passive cooling solutions and here we find ourselves using the superb Noctua NH-P1.

Capable of passively cooling up to and including the AMD Ryzen 7900 12 core / 24 core which tops out with a 5.4GHz turbo rating, this allows us to build out a silent studio PC which can still offer blistering performance for your projects.

Passive audio worksation side shot

Matched with selection of high-speed NVMe and SSD options along with a Seasonic Prime passive power solution, we find an overall system with no moving mechanical parts able to create background noise.

All housed in a Fractal Meshify 2 case with its full mesh front and roof, allowing for plenty of air to enter and use of natural convection to effectively cool the system.

If your studio requires both high performance, combined with the lowest of noise levels, our passive studio solutions offer the best of both worlds. 

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