Steinberg Goes Mini With The UR-12 USB Audio Interface

Steinberg UR12 pair

Cutting down the ever popular UR-22 to it’s very bare essentials the UR12 would appear to be the perfect fit for the artist working in the box and on the go. This 2 x 2USB 2 based solution offers a HI-Z 1/4″ jack connector and a balanced XLR with Yamaha D-Pre  amp for input duties along with a regular line output for getting the audio back out all topped off with great  24/192 capable converters . With a solid build and external power that will allow the unit to be also hooked up to an iPad when out and about it covers the basics at a great price, making it suitable for first time buyers and those needing a small, portable solution too.

Steinberg UR12 Front


Steinberg UR12 Rear

The Steinberg UR12 will be available in January 2015 for around £95

The Steinberg UR12 @ Scan

The Steinberg Range @ Scan


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Cubase Pro 8 & Artist 8 Announced

Cubase Pro 8
Cubase Pro 8 & Artist 8

Steinberg has announced the latest edition of its flagship production suite this morning in the form of Cubase 8 and is promising work flow improvements and tweaks galore. Offering new audio tools, greater productivity and more musical creativity, Cubase Pro 8 continues to technical innovation and artistic inspiration in one powerful, accessible production environment.

So to take a quick look at the headline features, these are set to include VCA style fader grouping allowing the ability to route any combination of channels to more flexible groups, where you now have the ability to merge the automation curves from the channels and master groups to allow adjustable blending control when setting up your audio buss.

The improved channel strips are taking the improvements from C7 and giving you more feedback and control when working with the parameters and with the interface being far more configurable with dockable instruments racks, media bays a far more tweakable design, you can refine C8 to work just how you want it.

The classic freeze functionality gets a supercharge with the newly adopted “render in-place” function, allowing you to quickly bounce midi and audio parts quickly with all the FX rendered in place

On the creative side the new chord pads, circle of 5ths & proximity chord modes are all designed to help you quickly jam and spin off your ideas in new and exciting ways and are certainly a welcome addition. The has also been a revamp of the tracklist and inspector layouts with added configuration capabilities allowing you to organize and lay it all out so you can see the information that is important to you in order to maximise your workflow.

Rounding it all off we have also new Vst’s in the shape of new bass amp sims and the return of the legend that is Quadrafuzz 2 along with new Multiband Expander & Envelope Shaper tools. Additionally they have also updated DeEsser, Multiband Compressor and Tuner tools all being housed inside the all new and improved plug in manager.

Some nice and well needed features in there as well as plenty of refinements that users have been crying out for make this an interesting upgrade prospect and a great entry point for current and new users alike.

To find out more about the new editions
Steinberg Cubase @ Scan