Equipment & Instruments Kids that Drum on Tabletops or Carseats or wherever……..

Kids that Drum on Tabletops or Carseats or wherever……..


Do you have a kid that likes to Drum on the back of the car seat, or on the table?

Do they seem to have an innate need to bash their hands and fingers like a drummer?

Well from November, boy, have we got a Christmas present for them……..


The Korg Cliphit Kit is a cool new product from market Leaders Korg.

It allows the user to turn anything into a proper electronic drumkit using Sensor clip technology.

The CLIPHIT is a new electric drum kit that’s ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing. Attach the clips with their internal sensor to a magazine, desk, or almost any surface, transforming it into a snare, hi-hat, or cymbal.


• A high-tech drum kit with three clips that trigger onboard drum samples
• Includes one footswitch to control kick sounds, with the ability to add one more for control of hi hat open/close
• Eleven kits are provided including hand percussion and sound effects kits
• 2W output, 3-inch speaker, and bass-reflex design deliver great-sounding tone
• Perform sounds by striking the CLIPHIT itself with your hand
• AUX IN jack lets you connect external sound sources such as an MP3 player to jam along
• Headphone jack for private practice
• Compact space-saving design
• Two-way power supply allows for battery operation