Month: October 2014

Kids that Drum on Tabletops or Carseats or wherever……..Kids that Drum on Tabletops or Carseats or wherever……..

  Do you have a kid that likes to Drum on the back of the car seat, or on the table? Do they seem to have an innate need to bash their hands and fingers

Tribute Bands? Classic Rock covers?…….Tribute Bands? Classic Rock covers?…….

The King Korg is a ‘Live’ synth like no other. It’s a powerhouse of authentic and satisfying ‘classic’ sounds, made easy to play and access in a live situation. It has plenty of knobs to

Its that time again!!!!Its that time again!!!!

It’ll soon be that time of year again!!! Whilst I don’t like to start any kind of festivities until around a fortnight before Christmas, we have to acknowledge that for Mums and Dads especially, they

Drumbeat 2014!!!Drumbeat 2014!!!

  SORRY, BUT WE JUST HEARD THAT THIS EVENT HAS HAD TO BE CANCELLED UNTIL NEXT YEAR….             We’ve mentioned before that Scan does a lot of good work for