Scan Pro Audio and its partners Rocksound, Vox and Intel are proud to announce the winners of the Rock section of Velocity 2014.

“Day Old Hate” , originally based around the Sheffield area, have won a recording session with acclaimed producer Romesh Dodangoda at his Longwave Studio, as well as £1500 of Vox and Hartke kit, and a full piece write up in Rocksound magazine.
Romesh said;
“After listening through all the great entries for the competition, I picked Day Old Hate as the winners because I was really impressed with their song-writing, and after having a look to see how active they were I felt that they were a band that could really benefit from all the prizes to help them get to the next step.”

You can follow the bands’ progress in the studio and see them picking up their prizes on the blog pages of Scan Pro Audio over the coming weeks.

Novation Reveal The Launch Control XL Controller


Novation today has supersized its popular Ableton controller into the Launch Control XL edition. This new Launch Control XL has a total of 16 buttons, 24 knobs and 8 faders which all integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live’s mixer, instruments and devices.

The knobs with multicoloured LEDs are laid out like Ableton’s mixer interface in three rows of eight, but you can reassign them – and the rest of the controls – to any thing you like.

If you combine Launch Control XL with Launchpad S, you’ll have the perfect modular Ableton Live system, controlling session view, mixer, effects and instruments at once. Producing the perfect mix or capturing that awesome performance has never been easier!

  Launch Control XL Main


Click here to see the Novation range @ Scan.

Sunday Post!!

Sunday Deliveries!!!!!

dpd sunday
One of the things scan prides itself on, is its excellent service record.
Not a day goes by when we don’t get Emails, letters, texts complimenting us on our service, and no matter how good that is, we never stop trying to improve.
So imagine how pleased we were to hear the news that our delivery partners DPD are to start a Sunday delivery service with same one –hour delivery window sent to you at the start of the day!

No excuses not to get that little bit of kit you’ve been promising yourself……