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In Praise of Christmas Carols and Wi-Fi…..

3We’ve mentioned the Scan webcast system for schools and churches etc. on many occasions, but just recently we had evidence of it working a treat for our local music hub here in Bolton.

The system you may remember, is  a simple, inexpensive  way of capturing a stage performance or an outside event (everything from School plays, Speech days, to sports days and soccer matches…). Scan can sell you the kit and instruct you how to set it up, and in no time, your school or college or church could be webcasting their events and allowing many invited viewers to see it from many miles away.

Last weekend, our very own Scan Pro Video man,  Matt Aindow’s kids, were performing in a Xmas concert from a local venue up in the hills of Bolton. It was put together by our local music hub, and involved a lot of children playing various instruments and around 400 parents crammed in to watch. However, the Music Hub knew that demand was far beyond that, so when Matt suggested he webcast the event, they were eager to see if it worked for them.

And boy did it work!!

OK, there were a few teething problems, but remember this was an impromptu set-up put together on the fly, however…. Once everything settled down and after some judicious ‘fettling’ by our very own tech wizard Tom, the show was broadcast, the chat room open and the show went on…


So let’s just pull back from this and look at what happened…

These kids have been practising all year, and this was the night of their show. Some Mums and Dads were able to make it, and some weren’t, but the majority of these kids had other relatives such as Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, that lived in different parts of the country, and under normal circumstances would never have got to see their ‘little angels’ perform.

Well this night they did.

They watched from all over the country. The chat room was swamped with Grandmas and Grandpas sending their love and appreciation for what they were seeing. The guys from the hub explained to the kids what was happening and asked the kids to wave out to the people watching on the internet, and the Grannies and Uncles and cousins all waved back via the chatroom. As people were leaving after the show they had already been in touch with the relatives to see if they had watched,  and were literally hugging Matt on the way out, shaking his hand and thanking him for what had happened.

It seems very simple to explain on paper, but it’s only when, in a real context like a Prize giving or a Carol concert, the system really shows its worth in ‘people’ terms.

If you think your local school or church or college would benefit from a system like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Scan Pro Video team here at Scan.