Fluid Audio F4 Monitors


OK, These are fantastic.

That’s it.

No, really, that’s it……..


• 30 watts of Class A/B power for coherent and accurate sound reproduction
• 4″ low frequency drivers with composite paper cones for powerful and dynamic lows
• 1″ treated silk dome hi-frequency drivers with integrated waveguides ensure a flat response
• Magnetic shielding eliminates interference with other electronic equipment
• 1/4″ balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, interfaces, etc
• Unique fader volume control on front baffle for easy access
• External amplifier heat sink to maximize efficiency while keeping temperature low
• Includes two acoustic isolation pads

All for under £125.00….

And how can I be so sure?

‘Cos I just bought some, that’s how.  images

OK, in my studio, I create amongst other things, high quality audio for Brands and companies i.e. I write music for TV, Radio and Cinema advertising.

My main monitors are an original pair of Mackie HR 824’s, and I know how good they are, because I’ve heard my music in many unforgiving places, such as the Broadcast mix rooms of various Post Production studios, or the Exigy MHS2/S215B’s at Real World Studios Big Room, and my mixes are very accurate indeed.


However, Gary from Hand in Hand distribution called by the other day, with these little beauties, and from the instant he set them up, I had decided I’d found my next studio purchase.

So why if you have an expensive pair of monitors, would you want a relatively cheap pair? I hear you ask….. answer…. For comparison mixes.

In the old days, you would record a cassette or later a CD and take it out into the car or put it on a beat-box to see how it sounded, but these little F4’s are flat enough to allow me to hear how mixes sound on smaller speakers, but without too much colouring from the speaker itself.

Anyone in a similar situation, I recommend these wholeheartedly, and if you’re on a real budget for your main studio monitors, you could do a lot, lot worse……