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Webcasts are Us!

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Those of you who have followed our webcasts of late, will know that as we move forward we improve as we go.

It’s been quite the little learning curve, but slowly, we are able to add various things to our presentations, from screen in screen graphics through to Skype based interviews with people in Europe and the US, and all the time, we’re picking up new viewers.

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The list of shows over the next few weeks is a veritable who’s who of the Pro audio industry, so be sure to stop by and check us out, Thursdays at 7.00pm.

August 15th:   Propellorheads with Nektar keyboards

August 27th:  In Music with Alex Jann featuring MPC Renaissance

August 29th:        Roland  TBC   (These 2 dates may change around)

September 5th:  SE     TBC                             

September 12th: Presonus

September 19th:  Korg  Volcas with Luke

September 26th:   Native Instruments