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NOVATION Road Show 2013: Niche broadcasting, Personal channels and the Scan webcast on June 6th…..

NOVATION Road Show 2013 with Chris Calcutt:


Ladies & Gents, I want to look forward to June 6th, and the start of our move towards global domination in this field.

Ok, well , maybe not that, but certainly we’re serious about moving forward as Web broadcasters, and to that end we’ll have Novation’s own Chris Calcutt here on the 6th of June to walk us through new product. This will include recent Frankfurt showstopper Bass Station II, Launchpad S and Launchkey 25.


Personal Channels:

(To re-cap, all the data coming from the ‘big’ corporations i.e. Google, You Tube etc. is showing that the trends are moving away from traditional family TV sessions, where the whole family gather around the box to watch programmes together, and moving towards much more personalised content, delivered to niche consumers via the internet.)

Here at Scan, we’re working towards delivering the best web cast experience we can. It looks like we’ve got the pictures out clean and sharp, and we’ve managed to get the interactivity happening nicely. The idea is that on June 6th, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, if you are in any way interested in Music Technology, we will be broadcasting a programme that you can watch on your smart phone or pad, and that you can have the opportunity to engage with, by asking questions. (Anyone remember ‘Tomorrows World’?, imagine that format but with Music Tech.!)

If you do manage to tune in, bear in mind that this is the start of the future…..

Over the coming years, musicians, comedians, storytellers, indeed anyone with a skill that requires a viewer, will find opportunities to host their own channels, and seek out audiences for themselves by affiliating with other like minded people. In my mind’s eye, I can see 10 years from now, whole families sitting together in living rooms after dinner, each watching bespoke programming based on their favourite subjects, and having it delivered via Google glass type lenses projected directly onto the retina by low level laser, so it expands the whole field of view, and becomes a 3D reality!

Anyway, back in the real world of today, make a date to join us on the 6th of June, and take the first steps……..