Audio Technica AT2020USB+ , New USB mic model adds a plus to the name

Audio Technica updates their USB mic, the AT2020USB by sticking a plus on the end of it. Now, i’m not the biggest fan of USB mics for vocals, due to needing to monitor with headphones plugged into into the mic itself, as you cant select different ASIO drivers for input and output devices in your DAW software.


However, if you’re after a ridiculously easy to use large diaphragm condenser mic for voiceover work, or for podcasting (and haven’t got a phantom powered audio interface) then i heartily recommend this, as the previous model was a cracker, with a rich, full bodied tone! Don’t forget that you will still need a pop shield for close up use (so you get more direct sound of your voice and less of the echoes from the room)

RRP should be be £169 and should be available this month.