Dj Tech Numark NS7 II Serato Controller

Numark NS7 II Serato Controller

Numarks monster of a flagship mixer gets an overhaul with all sorts of interesting things going on. It keeps it’s lovely motorized platers and solid tank like construction but adds a whole raft of extra control features to take advantage of the updates to Serato that have occured over the last few months.


4-Channel DJ Performance Controller

  • 7” motorized turntables with 3600 ticks of resolutionNumark NS 7 II
  • 4-channel mixer and 24-bit audio interface built in
  • 16 backlit velocity-sensitive MPC pads from Akai Professional
  • Capacitive touch-sensitive filter, gain, EQ, and effects knobs
  • High- and low-torque turntable settings, 33rpm or 45rpm
  • Comprehensive Loop, Sample, Slicer, and Hot Cue controls
  • Strip Search™ virtual needle-drop technology
  • Curve-adjustable CP-Pro crossfader
  • Dedicated iZotope® effects controls
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Integrated laptop stand
  • Serato DJ software included

So some sizable additions to the spec on the MKII with the addition of the search strip and pads now make it suitable for the Itch features that have migrated into the main Serato software client. The other addition of capacitive touch sensitive filter/gain/EQ and effect knobs should give an interesting amount of additional control and we look forward to seeing how these work when used in anger!

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