Equipment & Instruments Korg Pandora Mini – For Practice, its Perfect!

Korg Pandora Mini – For Practice, its Perfect!

Korg Pandora Mini.

For Practice it’s Perfect…….

The Korg Pandora has been around since 1995, I remember it well. Indeed I even contributed five of the original voices to it! (Back then I worked for Korg UK, and got involved as part of the International voicing team for the guitar products), and for many years it’s been pretty much understood.

You see, it’s not a modelling amp, or an effects pedal.


It was always meant to be a practise tool, and the latest Pandora Mini does it better than ever.

One of the big problems for Electric guitarists, is that practising with the kind of big sound that inspires you , involves lifting out a big, heavy amp, connecting it up, ignoring everyone else in the house when they bawl at you to “Turn it Down!!” etc. and even then once you’re set up, you’re usually alone, and so it gets kinda boring after 20 minutes of playing to yourself, no matter how good the sound.

With Pandora Mini, you get 200 presets in all different styles, (160 for guitar, 40 for bass). With another  200 user locations for storing your own sounds.

If you want to play along with something, there’s not only an metronome onboard, but also 100 rhythm patterns with complete control over tempo, volume and reverb.

You can also play along to your songs on CD’s,  or mp3 player,  by plugging into the Mini’s aux input – (theres also a variable pitch function  which lets you match the key of the song to the tuning of your guitar.)

So now, even just playing through some of the presets can be inspiring, and once you’ve found one you like, you can start to play over some pretty cool rhythms, which is way more fun than playing to nothing, or indeed, plug in your phone or mp3 player, and start to jam along to favourite songs or invest in some backing tracks.

Either way, all this takes place under cover of earphones, so you can sit and jam away in the living room, while everyone else watches TV, and all the time…. You’re getting better………….



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