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Focusrite Announce The Focusrite Scarlett Studio

News reaches us today from the team over at Focusrite that they’ve got all sorts goodies lined up over the coming months to tempt us with and we’re doing our level best to extract more details for you all!

First out the starters gate is the Focusrite Scarlett Studio set which whilst it isn’t exactly an all new product it is however ideal for those of you starting out or in need of a smaller project studio set up you can carry around with ease.

So what do you get in the box? Well it comes with our beginners budget interface of choice which is the Scarlett 2i2 and quite possibly the best external interface available around the £100 price point. Packaged with it however are a number of additional extras to get you up and recording with an included Scarlett Studio CM25 Mic, a pair of of Scarlett Studio HP60 headphones and the Scarlett studio suite which includes a copy of Cubase LE 6 and Novations classic Bass Station Vsti and over 1GB of loopmasters royalty-free samples.

So what do Focusrite say about this new pack?

Focusrite Scarlett Studio : Key Features

Studio-quality recording package for your Mac or PC: Scarlett Studio contains everything you need to make professional recordings with your computer

Focusrite recording technology: The Scarlett 2i2 audio interface employs two of Focusrite’s award winning microphone preamps to record at the best quality in its class

Microphone, headphones and cable included: High-quality CM25 condenser microphone and HP60 referencing headphones are included for studio-grade record and playback sound

All the software you need to record and produce music: Includes Cubase 6 LE for recording and mixing, the Focusrite Scarlett plug-ins to add extra effects and processing, Bass Station soft-synth and Loopmasters sample pack

Truly portable – no power supply: If you are using a laptop you can transport your studio in a backpack to your rehearsal space or venue with no need for a mains power supply

Professional audio quality: Scarlett 2i2 offers 24-bit performance at up to 96kHz sampling, with better than 105dB dynamic range on record; better than 102dB on playback.

Built around the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB 2.0 audio interface, Scarlett Studio also includes the studio-grade CM25 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, an XLR cable, and a pair of HP60 monitoring headphones, all finished in stunning red regalia. The suite of recording, editing and processing software allows you to start making music straight out of the box.

The Scarlett 2i2’s dual inputs are perfect for singer/songwriters and electronic music makers alike. The Scarlett Studio CM25 condenser microphone can be used to get a great vocal or acoustic guitar take, while electric guitars, keyboards or other line-level instruments can be simultaneously recorded with the exceptional sound quality afforded by the award-winning Focusrite mic preamps. Scarlett 2i2 has TRS monitor outputs and a front-panel headphones outlet, each with dedicated level controls, and the zero-latency Direct Monitor mode makes tracking a breeze.

Focusrite Scarlett Studio : Individual Bundle Component Breakdown

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface A two-in, two-out USB 2.0 audio interface that features a pair of award-winning Focusrite preamps, which enable you to capture superb quality recordings from both microphones and instruments. It features an attractive anodised aluminium case that both looks good in the studio and enables it to withstand the rigours of the road. Scarlett 2i2 offers professional 24-bit/96kHz A-D/D-A conversion, plus class-leading analogue and digital circuit design from input to output to ensure pristine audio quality throughout.

Scarlett Studio CM25 Microphone This tailored large-diaphragm electret condenser microphone gives you an excellent sound on all sources, from vocals / acoustic guitars to violins to guitar amps, thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern and frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz. A quality 3m XLR-XLR microphone cable is also included.

Scarlett Studio HP60 Headphones Reference-quality 60Ω headphones with large drivers and a closed-back design allow you to monitor mixes accurately and overdub vocals and instruments with minimum spill. An extended frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz ensures you hear all elements in your mix.

Scarlett Studio Software Suite Focusrite has teamed up with Steinberg to include Cubase LE 6 music production software. Record up to 16 tracks of audio and 24 tracks of MIDI, and run VST audio instruments and effects, such as the compressor, reverb, gate and EQ processors included in the Focusrite Scarlett plug-in bundle. Novation’s Bass Station soft synth is also included, as well as over 1GB of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters.

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack

So what do we reckon to it here at Scan?

Looking at the price point and the chosen components we think this is going to be an ideal entry level box for anyone wishing to do a bit of home recording. It is ideal for singer songwriters or anyone who wishes to track in various elements in the studio to work on later as it is going to be easy to carry around from house to rehearsal space and onto the studio.

We reckon Focusrite could be onto a bit of a winner with this one!

Focusrite Scarlett Studio @ Scan

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The Focusrite Scarlett Studio will be available towards the end of January priced @ £199