Month: December 2012

Seasons Greetings!!!Seasons Greetings!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Scan Pro Audio……..

How WE do it…… (or, what we want the most………..)How WE do it…… (or, what we want the most………..)

How WE do it…… (or what we want the most….)   This little blog piece, comes after a brief discussion I just had with a customer, and I think it warrants writing down, so I

Cubase 7: Voxengo Curve EQCubase 7: Voxengo Curve EQ

  Voxengo Curve EQ: Within Cubase 7 is a plug-in with a feature, which in essence has been around a while, but Voxengo really do make it easy to use…   I’m talking ‘Spectrum matching

Home Piano's: A return to cool……Home Piano's: A return to cool……

The Home Piano: A return to cool…… Over the years, all the leading manufacturers, Korg, Yamaha and Roland have enjoyed healthy sales in the area of ‘Home Piano’. These instruments have evolved over time, from

CUBASE 7 is Here!!!!!CUBASE 7 is Here!!!!!

CUBASE 7: I’m very excited.   So, it’s here!! Forget Christmas, it’s the release of Steinberg’s Cubase 7, and I for one can’t wait. What’s so exciting? Well pretty much everything….. Starting with the overhaul

Korg KRONOS for Christmas?Korg KRONOS for Christmas?

KRONOS for CHRISTMAS? So, its nearly that time of year. That time of year when professional musicians face the age old conundrum….new gear for Christmas? You see, most gigging musicians know that at this time