Equipment & Instruments Korg Microkorg XL+ – A Classic Is Revamped

Korg Microkorg XL+ – A Classic Is Revamped

The Microkorg keyboard range have achieved almost near classic status over the last decade. As a cheap, yet powerful and extremely easy to program introduction to VA synthesis the various revisions of the Microkorg keyboard range have been a staple first synth for many a band member and we’ve seen them crop up on many a stage in that time frame.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Microkorg range we have the new Microkorg, Microkorg XL+ and Microkeys revisions coming this November with a whole new colour scheme where each will be available in a choice of all-black, or red and black keys. Apart from the limited edition colour schemes less cosmetically we have a completely re-worked sound banks programmed with a more modern twist.


Microkorg XL+ Synths

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