Computer Music - Software Steinberg release the Cubase 6.5 upgrade.

Steinberg release the Cubase 6.5 upgrade.

Steinberg have today released a fairly major update for the ever popular Cubase 6 sequencer with a whole raft of new features to make it a worthy upgrade.

Key features of the Steinberg Cubase 6.5 upgrade:

2 New Synths:

Retrologue :

  • Classic virtual analog synthesizer with 300 quality presets
  • Two oscillators with up to eight detunable voices each plus a sub and noise oscillator
  • 12 different filter types
  • LFO and ADSR for filters and amp envelopes
  • 10 stage Modulation Matrix with Note Expression support
  • Mono and poly modes with legato and glide
  • FX section with modulation and delay


  • Advanced granular synthesis engine
  • Includes 400 carefully crafted presets
  • SoftGrain Wave ROM for custom sounds
  • 10 stage Modulation Matrix with Note Expression support
  • 12 different filter types, LFOs and ADSR for filters and amp
  • Step Modulator for rhythmic triggering of oscillators
  • FX section with modulation and delay

2 New Plugins:


  • Simple yet powerful 3-band equalizer
  • Kill switches for cutting breaks


  • Classic filter types of Steinberg’s HALion 4 sound creation system
  • Blend seamlessly between two filter curves
  • Great for creating sweeps and dynamic glides

New functionality:

New Comping Tools:

  • Comp tool with handy click-and-drag features
  • Cleanup-lanes command to resolve event overlaps
  • Create-tracks-from-lanes function to convert each lane into a new audio track
  • Seperated track and lane solo function
  • Developed in close collaboration with studio engineers for best results

New Audiowarp Quantizing Features:

  • Fusion of hitpoint and AudioWarp system
  • AudioWarp quantize integrated into Quantize panel
  • Create warp markers from hitpoints automatically
  • Warp Marker rules support transient priorities for multi-track quantizing of Edit Groups*
  • Non-destructively quantize single audio loops or the entire arrangement just like MIDI!

Other Features:

FLAC Support:

Steinberg Cubase 6.5 now allows you to import and export FLAC files effortlessly, and save up to 60% disk space when recording audio tracks in real time.

Soundcloud Upload Features:

Upload sounds and mixes directly from Cubase to your SoundCloud account, and share your songs and sounds with the world. The dedicated Upload Manager takes care of everything, all you’ve got to do is enter your log-in details.

64 bit Rewire support:

Hook up to your favorite ReWire software and flip the switch to 64 bits. Steinberg Cubase 6.5 now connects ReWire client applications in a pure 64-bit environment.

The upgrade to 6.5 itself is free to anyone who’s purchased Steinberg Cubase 6 after the 1/1/12 and around £40 (exchange rate dependent) to anyone else working on a copy registered prior to this point. This means that all boxed copies purchased from this date forward will also include the update as well as part of the package.

The update for existing customers is an online only deal so please contact Steinberg for more infomation on upgrading your current install of Cubase 6.

Steinberg Cubase 6.5 New Synths Video:

Steinberg Cubase 6.5 New Effects Video:

Steinberg Cubase 6.5 New Editing Features Video:

Steinberg Cubase 6.5 New Intercommunication Features Video:

Cubase 6 at Scan Computers – This version qualifies for the free upgrade to Cubase 6.5.

For more info on the Steinberg Cubase 6.5 upgrade.

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