Month: June 2011

Microphone Diaphragm SizesMicrophone Diaphragm Sizes

Microphone diaphragm sizes Large Diaphragm Any microphone with a diaphragm larger than (and potentially including) 3/4″ is considered to be a Large Diaphragm microphone. In general, Large Diaphragm microphones tend to have a “big” sound

SCAN guide to MIDI controllersSCAN guide to MIDI controllers

SCAN GUIDE TO MIDI CONTROLLERS: WHAT IS A MIDI CONTROLLER KEYBOARD? Basically a MIDI Controller Keyboard is way of communicating with a Synth or a sampler or a Computer running a VST instrument or other

64 Bit Computing for Windows Musicians64 Bit Computing for Windows Musicians

 This is an important decision that you need to make when choosing your new pc, not only for your operating system, but also for your DAW software. 32 bit systems are limited to 4gb

Types of MicrophonesTypes of Microphones

Types of microphones * What’s a USB Microphone? A USB mic contains all the elements of a traditional microphone: capsule, diaphragm, etc. Where it differs from other microphones is its inclusion of two additional circuits:

What is E.Q.?What is E.Q.?

WHAT IS EQ? EQ stands for Equalizer or Equalizing. An equalizer is a device which allows someone to equal out the tonal characteristics of a sound. They were originally conceived to help get a flat

Ways to promote your music onlineWays to promote your music online

1. Social networks My Space and its brethren are still a good way to get your music up and ‘out there’.  Nowadays there are any number of dedicated music upload sites, and each has its

Understanding microphone polar patternsUnderstanding microphone polar patterns

Understanding microphone polar patterns Cardioid A microphone polar (pickup) pattern. Characterized by strong sensitivity to audio from the front of the mic, good sensitivity on the sides (at 90 degrees, 6 dB less than the

Recording vocalsRecording vocals

WHY SHOULD I BOTHER WITH A VOCAL FILTER? The main reason for having a vocal filter, is to try and record a ‘dry’ signal. If your studio doesn’t have the best acoustic treatments it could

Beginners guide to recording Acoustic guitarBeginners guide to recording Acoustic guitar

One of the commonest instruments used in popular music, the Acoustic guitar can also be one of the most difficult to record for a home or budget studio. In this piece we look at some

SCAN guide to recording vocals in the home studioSCAN guide to recording vocals in the home studio

  The problem of recording Vocals for the smaller studio has been a constant source of difficulty over the years. If you stop and think about it, the Human voice is the most emotive ‘instrument’