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Nine Volt Pedals Surfing Bear Overdrive – A great sounding “808” style pedal!

Nine Volt Pedals have already been on the scene for a while but having had their Surfing Bear Overdrive pedal on my board for the past few months, I thought it’d be worth a shout out as I can honestly say it sounds (and looks) fantastic!

Whilst it is based on that classic green pedal we all know very well, there are some subtle differences which in my opinion makes this pedal stand out! Stick it in front of a solid-state amp and it’ll sound great but where this pedal will truly excels is in front of a tube amp. When used to push your clean tone which is just on the brink of breakup, that’s when it really does shine!

As you’d expect the emphasis on the mid-range is apparent. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of controls with the standard Volume, Tone and Drive knobs but what is noticeable is the tonal range you can get from these allowing you to go from a smooth boost to a satisfyingly warm crunch tone. The tonal variety makes this pedal extremely versatile and would certainly be a very nice addition to anyone’s pedal board.

Aside from it sounding great, it also boasts some pretty cool artwork too! Swedish artist, Jonas Claeson is responsible for the artwork across the entire range of Nine Volt Pedals and I must say I love what he’s done with them.

The Surfing Bear really is a sweet sounding overdrive pedal and comes in at a fraction of the price of the TS-808 reissue. If you’re in the market for a wonderful sounding “808” style overdrive pedal at a really affordable price, then this little gem could be just for you!

Surfing Bear Overdrive pedal @ Scan


– Drive, Tone, and Volume controls
– True bypass
– 9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip adaptor
– Current draw 15mA
– Input impedance 500K ohms
– Output impedance 10K ohms
– Designed in Japan by One Control

Vox Amp Plugs

Vox Amp Plugs:

JS AMplug
Joe Satriani model amp plug from VOX

As guitarists, we are used to being told to “Turn it Down!!!” or “Can’t you make that racket in another room?”…….
It’s something we get used to from an early age.
Now of course as an Electric guitar player, you have the option of  sitting and playing ‘unplugged’, and this will no doubt allow you to practise the mechanics of your guitar playing, but what we Reeeeally want is to be able to practise the dynamics and sonic elements of our playing, and thats why we need amps, preferably turned up loud….

VOX amplug
Vox AC30 ampplug

Well, not any more…..
These little beauties are made by Vox and are almost perfect for the Electric guitarist who wants to practise and hear his instrument at volume, without disturbing those around him. They come in all sorts of models from Clean Fender Twin to Very heavy Metal, and include Blues and Classic rock, and theres also a signature model from one Mr Joe Satriani.
Each has some basic control over the sound and includes a socket into which an iPod or iPhone or mp3 player can be plugged, thus allowing you to play to backing tracks of your choice.
But here’s the kicker, they sound really good.
Once you’ve got your headphones on you’re immersed in a pleasantly loud environment, where you can Pinch harmonics, dive bomb, volume swell, indeed all the stuff you can’t do just sat unplugged, and the best bit…..
The price….around £30.00.
Seriously, this is a must for all you guys who own a nice amp, but very rarely get it out in the house to practice on, and thats a lot of you….
I know ‘cos I’m one.

VOX Amplug
VOX Amplug


Vox Amp Plugs Are Available @ Scan