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Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp

Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp

Ok, I have to confess a bias here before I start.

Thomas Blug is a German guitarist, who has for the last couple of decades, built a reputation for having one of the best Guitar tones in the business.

He’s also been a mate of mine for a long long time.

We met first at trade shows in the early ‘90’s when I was demonstrating Takamine and Parker guitars, and he was demonstrating for Hughes & Kettner amps (for whom he was hugely important in the development of their sound)

Later, the company I worked for, took over the distribution of Hughes & Kettner, and Tom and I worked together on sales and demo’s for the UK.

So I know him as an old friend.

I also know that he has 2 of the best ears in the business.

This guy really does know about guitar tones.

So when he announced he was coming to market with what appeared to be a pedal, I was intrigued.

But I needn’t have been, you see,

It’s still an amp.

In fact it’s all amp.

In fact it’s a fully functioning 100 watt amp head, that you can attach straight to a 4 X 12 cabinet and make a proper racket with.

Light, Portable and efficient, yet capable of generating a full 100 Watts of blistering tone, this amp is at home either on stage or in the studio.

The first time I heard it in the studio, I immediately removed all the other Amps, Amp sims, modelling units etc, because this, is the best I have ever used.

Bar none.

Because it’s real.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using my UA plug-ins for mixing down, but when it comes to tracking, there is nothing to beat a real amp.

And remember, it’s not just for the studio, it sounds unbelievable live too.

The Amp One features 4 configurable channels. Clean, Vintage Classic and Modern.

Each of these is switchable and has adjustable Boost and Reverb controls.

The amp also features a Killer speaker simulation output for use in the studio as well as a headphone out.

This tiny package, that can fit easily into Hand luggage or a gig bag, delivers a round, fat bass with crisp, non ‘tinny’ trebles and an overall tone that you’ll recognise immediately as that of a true modern, boutique amp.

Why not give us a ring and arrange to come and demo one in our new ‘Blue Room’ demonstration suite.

 Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp



Just a little word about us……………….!!!!


Why buy from Us?

Scan is a Family owned British company with over 160 staff and an annual Turnover of nearly £80m.

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable service, and we have the constant daily feedback from happy, satisfied customers to back this up.


Our delivery system is flexible and easy to use. You choose when you want it delivered and we’ll get it there on time, and with 100% order tracking inc. Alerts via SMS, email & web.

Within the Pro Audio department, we employ specialist people with specialist knowledge. Working professionals who use this equipment on a daily basis, and whose expertise is called upon by some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.


DJ’s, Sessions Musicians, Producers, and even a teacher go to make up our consulting staff.

Rest assured that when you buy from us you are dealing with experts in their particular field.

So, with the buying power to secure the best deals, Specialist staff, and incredible service…why wouldn’t  you buy from Scan?






Here’s some exciting news for anybody interested in Music and Music Technology. For the first time in many, many years, Manchester is going to be playing host to a Music show at the Manchester Central Convention Complex.

The Music Show will take place at Manchester Central on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November 2013 and will promote the benefits of music, and showcase the latest products and services to musicians, educators and industry professionals.

The two-day exhibition is open to anyone who has a passion for making music, from aspiring bands, musicians and industry professionals to teachers, students and their families.

Chris Martin, Event Manager at Hamerville Media Group, says: “The Music Show aims to inspire anyone who has an interest in making music – it is about widening access to music. Manchester is passionate for making music, and it is the centre for music education which is why we were determined to bring this brand new show to the city.

Scan Pro Audio  will be there in force (We’ve got the biggest stand!!), and we’re going to be featuring  lots of great gear demo’s, as well as the chance to get your hands on some kit, and make some music yourself.

As a special reward to Scan customers, we are pleased to be able to offer you a special 50% off the regular entry price of £10.00.

All you need to do is quote this code SCN3009- and the discount will be applied at the checkout.

We’d love to see you there, so don’t lose this code!!

Recent Webcasts….and the Future:


I’ve tried not to bang on too much about our Pro Audio webcasts, but I do have to point out from time to time just how much better they’re getting and how much the technology has moved on.


Last night we featured Luke Edwards from KORG with the new Volca series of synths, almost  7 months to the day since he launched our first ever foray into this brave new world of web broadcasting. The really interesting thing about that is how far the technology has come in that few short months. Back then we were using a Roland hardware based system, that was about the only real option to do what we were attempting to do, the box itself was around £2500.00 and we thought it was stunningly good value…. A few months later however, and we’re able to do everything we need to and more via a piece of software costing less than £400.00. As usual, one wonders where we’ll be with this technology a year from now.


What is really exciting however, are the implications for this type of technology.


With the emergence of websites like ‘Stage It’, the opportunities for performers from any genre, music, comedy, magic are becoming huge and potentially very lucrative. Essentially anyone who has the ability to ‘entertain’ or educate will find that for a modest outlay on cameras and software, they will be able to market themselves to their own audience and charge money for private, ‘one-off’ concerts. If all the indicators are to be believed, this is indeed the future for entertainment and knowledge (one of the biggest predicted rises will again be in on-line tuition).


Typically,  5 years ago, In your average suburban family home on a Thursday evening, you’d invariably hear a discussion if not a row about the families viewing that evening, someone would want to watch something at a time that clashed with something else, and various bribes and barters would have to take place to allow peace to be restored.


Nowadays, the kids take themselves off up to their bedrooms with their computers or tablets/pads and Netflix will stream the latest movies or TV shows to them, whilst Dad watches a You Tube clip on how to strip a clutch, and Mum gets to watch the Strictly Come Dancing repeats. All in All, things have changed. And the future will be more of the same.


Specialist content delivered by experts will allow everyone to celebrate their inner geek.


Wanna watch a Gardening show? Or do you want to watch a specialist show on growing Hydrangea’s in Acid soil and windy conditions?


Wanna watch some Pop music? Or do you want to listen to a Producer talk about how he created the track from scratch using Akai beatboxes and some Beatles samples….


The point is specialisation, and it’s coming thick and fast…… However, because, as we’ve mentioned, the content is for the first time being seen regularly in peoples living areas, (You Tube is now available on most cable providers pack’s) the people are demanding much higher production values, hence the need to get hooked up with the right kind of kit.


Here are some shots from our last webcast with Rodney Orpheus from Presonus……

_Z8A4021 _Z8A4006 _Z8A3994

Yay!!! We did it!!

So, to anyone who’s been following our exploits with the webcasting shows on Thursday nights, last night’s broadcast was a first for us in that we managed to incorporate not one but two live interviews via Skype!

We were joined in the Scan studios by Kevin Bent, MD of Adam UK, distributors of some of the finest monitors in the world and we had hatched a plot to interview the founder of the company, Herr Klaus Heinz, at his offices in Germany.


When Kev arrived he suggested we try and get one of his many endorsees to do a Skype interview as well, and after a couple of attempts he managed to get hold of one of the UK’s foremost producers Roska, whose credits include Jessie J amongst others..

Roska agreed to call into the offices of Rinse FM and conduct a Skype interview on his mobile phone.


Later, after some in-depth discussion of room treatments by our own resident Autobot, we then hooked up with Klaus for some very informative views on the industry and his products.


If you didn’t manage to catch it, check it out on our You Tube channel along with all our other archives……

How WE do it…… (or, what we want the most………..)

How WE do it…… (or what we want the most….)


This little blog piece, comes after a brief discussion I just had with a customer, and I think it warrants writing down, so I don’t have to repeat it so many times……

Scan Pro Audio:

Scan Pro Audio (and for that matter the Pro Video and Pro Graphics side), has grown organically out of our core business of manufacturing award winning PC’s.

Our Audio PC’s are used by some of the biggest artists/producers/studios in Europe, and as our PC’s became more successful, so there was some pressure on Scan to carry the ‘logical’ add-ons to the system itself, i.e. Soundcards, Speakers etc.

Eventually, it became obvious that a separate ‘Pro Audio’ division was necessary, and Scan Pro audio was born.

So what’s so different about us?


First off, We don’t carry everything…..

Let’s say that again…..

We don’t carry everything…..

Let’s try and explain this philosophy………

Say, that someone comes to town, and they want to buy a Vocal microphone, and they have £200.00 to spend.

They visit shop “A”, who say “OK, which brand were you looking for?”

Now at this point we need to consider Shop A’s options…..

They want the business, and will do anything possible to stop the customer going elsewhere.

They will have certain microphones that they carry in stock, because they have a ‘deal’ with the manufacturer, and obviously these will be the first they suggest, the customer may find that if they enquire about a different brand, it’s put down as inferior or not as reliable, and they’ll push hard to supply the ones they stock, and it will be argued by some that this is just ‘good business’.

So maybe our visitor goes to shop “B”, and this dealer is one of many, especially dealers with an on-line presence, that claim to have ANY microphone you request in stock, they will take payment, and then tell you the item is one its way. (Only, the next phone call they make after speaking to you is straight to the manufacturer, to order the item in question, and when you subsequently call to chase your order, they will fob you off with a tale of computer stock errors and re-stocking problems, but it’ll be with you within the next couple of days, and they’ll phone you as soon as it’s in etc………)


We however, do things a little bit differently to most other retailers….

You see, it may be that we only carry 2 makes of microphone.

And we’ll tell you that.

And that may seem a small amount, not a huge choice…..

It may be that you have heard great things about one of the brands that we don’t carry,

You may even have seen a great review.

And we’ll accept that.

But we will ONLY carry stock that we know, and believe in.

We will ONLY carry stock that we have had first-hand experience of ourselves.

We will ONLY carry stock that we believe to be the best value for YOUR money.

We have spent literally thousands of man-hours, testing, evaluating and re-testing equipment, until we know this stuff really well. ( We once loaded one of every monitor speaker we could get our hands on, and drove it to Tom’s studio facility, where over 2 days we proceeded to test every speaker, not only in isolation, but in combination  with each other……)

And we will never recommend any product that hasn’t been tested or used by at least one of our team, in a professional capacity.

(Our bench-testing for Sound cards, is extremely rigorous. We are one of only two places in the world using the bench-test, the other is in Australia, and he’s the guy that invented the programme…)

That way, whenever we do sell you something, we know that it will be totally fit for purpose, and the best value you could hope for.

You’ll also know that WE know what we’re talking about……

And that way, you’ll learn to trust us.

And once you trust us, you’ll be happy to come back and take our advice again ,

And that…..

Is what we want the most…..

Scan Pro Audio Jam @ London International Technology Show

Our attendence at this years LITS show went down well with the Scan stand having exclusive first play throughs of BF3, Overclocking master classes the epic 3XS Swordfish system and most importantly for the audio guys hands on with some tasty kit and plenty of demo’s being performed by our team.

On the last day we attempted something a bit different by hooking everything up we had to hand and getting into a a 3 way jam session. So here’s the resulting video footage of Tom, Steve and DJ Rasp doing getting to grips with using iMaschine, Serato Itch on the Numark NS6 and Guitar Rig 5 at the London International Technology Show.