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Numark Mixtrack Quad and Mixtrack Edge

Numark have pulled out a couple of variations to their Mixtrack II controller.

Mixtrack Quad seems to add two extra channels and gain controls to the mixer, alongside some extra coloured LED’s for a total of 16 colours, to identify different deck modes, such as cues, loops and sample playback. The platters have two zones and are touch sensitive. It comes with Virtual DJ LE software and has a built in, bus powered audio interface.

mixtrack edge

Mixtrack Edge keeps the built-in USB interface, but reverts to the two channel config and flattens the controls into a rucksack friendly format, whilst actually adding multifunction metal platters that control pitch, song select and cue mix.

Mixtrack II and Mixtrack Pro II

Here at Scan the budget friendly Mixtrack II and Mixtrack Pro II controllers from Numark have always been a popular choice for those just starting to get into mixing. Indeed we them so capable that our Dj tester in chief DJ Rasp has been known to do scratching master classes on these, which is pretty amazing that you can get something so fully featured for such a great price.

So we’re happy to see that the guys at Numark have refined and refreshed the two models.

Mixtrack IINumark Mixtrack 2

2-Channel DJ Controller

  • Illuminated, capacitive touch-activated platters
  • 16 backlit rubber drum pads, 16 dedicated effects controls
  • Complete mixer section with crossfader and 3-band EQ
  • Virtual DJ LE audio/video/karaoke software included
  • USB-powered and class-compliant

Mixtrack Pro IINumark Mixtrack Pro II

2-Channel DJ Controller with Audio I/O

  • Illuminated, capacitive touch-activated platters
  • 16 backlit rubber drum pads, 16 dedicated effects controls
  • Complete mixer section with crossfader and 3-band EQ
  • Audio interface built in, Serato DJ Intro software included
  • USB-powered and class-compliant


The Mixtrack & Mixtrack Pro II feature new streamlined designs and new expanded layouts of professional controls, including 16 backlit multifunction drum pads and illuminated touchactivated platters. Hot cues, looping, and effects controls are all onboard, along with a built-in professional DJ audio interface. Building upon Numark’s longstanding partnership with Serato®, Mixtrack Pro II comes with Serato DJ Intro. DJs can also easily use Mixtrack Pro II with most popular DJ software, and it also comes pre-mapped for an optional upgrade to Serato DJ, the latest state-of-the-art professional software from Serato. Serato DJ includes a wide range of all-new features and capabilities, including stunning new effects powered by iZotope®, ultra-flexible and intuitive MIDI mapping, and the ability to set and trigger up to eight cue points.

Numark @ Scan

Numark Announces The Orbit Wireless DJ Performance Controller

Now anyone who’s seen us at any shows around the country over the last few years will have seen Tom mixing it up using Wii controllers and showing off just how much fun you can have performing when your free to move about. In the light of so many people trying it out by hacking other hardware out there its kind of surprised us that no one has developed a more simple solution that works over WiFi… well it seems like Numark has taken up the mantle with the Orbit.

Orbit Features

Wireless Handheld MIDI DJ ControllerNumark Orbit

  • 2.4 GHz ultra-low-latency wireless performance control
  • 16 backlit pads, 4 selectable banks, 16 virtual knobs per bank
  • Internal two-axis accelerometer with shoulder trigger controls
  • Use handheld, strapped to belt or body, or hung around neck
  • Illuminated aluminum-faced control wheel
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Whilst the design looks a little gamer like the big solid controls should make it very easy to use, even whilst having it on the dance floor yourself! The inclusion of the two axis accelerometer should give you some interesting options in regards to effect mapping and triggering and with a bit of tweaking we reckon this could be a really fun and pretty inspiring product.

Numark @ Scan

Numark NS7 II Serato Controller

Numarks monster of a flagship mixer gets an overhaul with all sorts of interesting things going on. It keeps it’s lovely motorized platers and solid tank like construction but adds a whole raft of extra control features to take advantage of the updates to Serato that have occured over the last few months.


4-Channel DJ Performance Controller

  • 7” motorized turntables with 3600 ticks of resolutionNumark NS 7 II
  • 4-channel mixer and 24-bit audio interface built in
  • 16 backlit velocity-sensitive MPC pads from Akai Professional
  • Capacitive touch-sensitive filter, gain, EQ, and effects knobs
  • High- and low-torque turntable settings, 33rpm or 45rpm
  • Comprehensive Loop, Sample, Slicer, and Hot Cue controls
  • Strip Search™ virtual needle-drop technology
  • Curve-adjustable CP-Pro crossfader
  • Dedicated iZotope® effects controls
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Integrated laptop stand
  • Serato DJ software included

So some sizable additions to the spec on the MKII with the addition of the search strip and pads now make it suitable for the Itch features that have migrated into the main Serato software client. The other addition of capacitive touch sensitive filter/gain/EQ and effect knobs should give an interesting amount of additional control and we look forward to seeing how these work when used in anger!

Numark Hardware @ Scan