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Scan Pro Audio Day – Stereo:Type Snare Reverb-Without-Reverb Tutorial Video

  Thanks to eveyone who came down for the fourth Scan Pro Audio Day last Saturday.

Everyone seemed to love the chance to get hands on with the latest kit and have a chance to discuss all matters pro audio, from getting soundcards to work, to choosing the right speakrs and how best to do live digtal audio mixing for a band.

For the benefit of eveyone who didnt make it, here’s part of Stereo:Types masterclass, concentrating on how to make reverbs on snares without actually using reverb!




Scan Pro Audio Day, Bolton – 25th Febuary

Scan Audio DayYup, its that time agin to hold another audio day in our Bolton showroom. It’s on from 11am till 3pm and is, as always free to attend.

This time we’ve got a masterclass from Mashup king and Foreign Beggars & Beardyman producer Stereo:Type with loads of trade secrets, as well as your chance to get hands on with some of the latest kit and of course a prize draw, which at the last audio day in November ended up being a Native Instruments Traktor S2!

Please click here to sign up as places are limited.
Please click here to sign up as places are limited.

Full lineup as follows….

11.00am  Ableton Live
Simon Lyon aka The Ruthless Producer introduces Ableton Live. During this session, Simon will take you on a tour of Abletons features and show how easy it is to build tracks from scratch including live recording.
12.00pm  Soundcards & Audio Interfaces
Tom from “The Autobots” talks about soundcards. Which is the best for you? And How do we go about testing them? How do you know how good they are?
1.00pm  Guitar Rig 5 session
Steve Fairclough recreating ‘Classic’ guitar tones with Guitar Rig 5
2.00pm  Ableton Live Master class
Stereo: Type presents a Producers masterclass with Ableton Live.
3.00pm  Prize Draw !

Ways to promote your music online

  1. 1. Social networks
    My Space and its brethren are still a good way to get your music up and ‘out there’.  Nowadays there are any number of dedicated music upload sites, and each has its own merits, however, the aim is the same… get your music heard!!!

2. Websites
Websites have never been cheaper or more easy to maintain and update so ensure you have a good focused presence online as it also looks a lot more professional. Check out some of the ‘template’ based builder sites to get yourself up and running quickly with the added advantage that the are a number of them now doing easy to set up digital download shops to help you sell through your music online.
3. Keep your profile current
Regular profile/website updates will also keep things interesting for returning fans. News stories about what you’ve been up to or where you played last, plus upcoming gigs, all this is the life blood of your profile.
4. Biography
Biographies are a great way to let people know about who you are and why you make the music you do, but DONT MAKE THEM BORING!!!!
Honestly, there is nothing worse than reading about the first puppy your Granny bought you at the age of 7, and how your Mum never let you eat Chocolate fingers……………
5.  Good photographs
Good quality images will enhance your profile better than anything. Local student photographers are usually up for taking some profile pics for the price of a good lunch/few drinks, and it can greatly enhance your Online profile
6. Free downloads
If you ain’t signed to a label or publishing deal, you need to do as much as you can to get people to hear your music, and the odd free giveaway track can help a lot especially if you can target the multitude of blogs covering new music, which will help spread your name further.
7. Reply to mail.
If someone is nice enough to get in touch with some praise, or leave a nice comment on your you tube clip, try and get a personal reply back to them. It’s a nice thing to do and people will remember you for it.
8. Don’t Spam people!
Seriously, nothing puts people off more than you abusing your Facebook or Twitter feed with useless information about your gig at the “Old Bull and Bush, Peckham” when they’re in Liverpool. Keep information local and targeted. Got any email addresses from the last time you played here, by all means tell them you’re here again

9. Get your songs on iTunes
Nothing says professionalism like having your songs available to buy on the world’s largest online music store. Websites such as CD Baby and Bandcamp can get your tracks online for a small charge – you can then link to your songs in the store from your website/profile.