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Native Instruments Maschine Mk2

Native Instruments takes the original maschine controller, sticks it in a boxing ring with the Traktor Kontrol F1 and watches as they pulverise each other into a multicoloured lovechild that is Maschine Mk2!

Native Insturments Maschine Mk2 comes in Original and Mikro varieties and not only do you now have multicoloured pads, there is also the option of a white unit.

There’s also the long awaited V1.8 software which finally adds timestretch functionality inside the maschine software. In fact, it seems to inherit Kontakt’s valve and tape saturators and Transient Master effects too.

maschine standProbably driven by the amount of services offering Maschine Skins, NI have also announced a selection of changeable deck plates, for all you fashion conscious beat connoisseurs, as well as a dedicated Maschine Stand to get it out of the DJ booth beer lake that sometimes develops.

MK2 Hardware Features
Colours for Groups, Sounds, Scenes, and Patterns
New Master Push Encoder
Multi-Colour Pads with increased sensitivity
47 All New Click Buttons
Updated Display with high contrast
Host Transport Control
Customizable MK2 Hardware (Not Mikro)
Available in White or Black Finish

V1.8 Software Features
Full Version of MASSIVE Synthesizer
Offline Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting
New Effect: Transient Master
New Effect: Tape & Tube Saturators
Numerous Workflow improvementsMaschine mk2 Skins


Native Instruments Maschine MK2 will be available from Scan on 1st October for £469.00 and the Native Instruments Mikro will be £269.00.

Pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

Pre-order Native Instrumetns Maschine Mk2 @ Scan

Pre-Order Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Mk2 @ Scan

Native Instruments Maschine Mk2 Product Page

Native Instruments

Native Instruments Discount the Maschine Range and S4 for Summer.

More special summer offers this time from Native Instruments who have put both of their Maschine controllers as well as the flagship DJ controller the S4.


Native Instruments MaschineNative Instruments Maschine


This drum machine/controller tool needs no introduction and since it’s launch has become a bit of a classic already.

Shipping with over 6GB of sounds and with many more libaries available not only does the Maschine package offer a new way to control your studio but also adds a vast selection of sounds to your sonic arsenal.

Available now for £329

Native Instruments Maschine @ Scan

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

 Maschine Mikro


The baby brother of the family still offers the same great sounds as the bigger model but cuts down the number of dials available to the end user. In real terms you keep much of the same great functionality but have to use various short cuts to get around. This makes the Mikro more suitable for the studio producers than the more live friendly Maschine, but is still guarenteed to rock your setup.


Available now for £199

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro @ Scan


Native Instruments Traktor S4Native Instruments S4


The last of our trio also needs no real introduction. This 4 channel is the flagship Dj controller and interface from Native Instruments and ships with the latest version of Traktor Pro 2.5 making it the complete package ready to plug into your laptop and speakers.


Available now for £629

Native Instruments Traktor S4 @ Scan

These offers are available until August the 31st.

For more information on all these products please see the Native Instruments website.


Scan Pro Audio Jam @ London International Technology Show

Our attendence at this years LITS show went down well with the Scan stand having exclusive first play throughs of BF3, Overclocking master classes the epic 3XS Swordfish system and most importantly for the audio guys hands on with some tasty kit and plenty of demo’s being performed by our team.

On the last day we attempted something a bit different by hooking everything up we had to hand and getting into a a 3 way jam session. So here’s the resulting video footage of Tom, Steve and DJ Rasp doing getting to grips with using iMaschine, Serato Itch on the Numark NS6 and Guitar Rig 5 at the London International Technology Show.