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Maschine Mikro Drops to £159 and gets Massive

In the light of the announcement that the Maschine Mikro mk2 is on it’s way the original mk1 edition has price crashed this week. Now available for the rather budget friendly £159, the Maschine Mikro packs the same great sound banks and features as it’s larger relation but simply loses a few knobs and dials, meaning you have to do a little more work in the software side of things. This means that it might not be ideal for those performing live, but for those banging out beats in the studio this is a very attractive price point for a whole lot of controller.

Maschine Mikro – The Massive Offer!

Owners of the MK1 Maschine Mikro will qualify for the 1.8 upgrade due in October, which will include a free copy of the now legendary synth “Massive” being thrown in for good measure which I’m perfectly sure needs no introduction to the vast majority of our readers. All that has to be said is, if you don’t already have a copy then that alone makes it worth the purchase price!

Maschine Mikro at Scan Computers for £159Native Instruments Maschine Mikro For £159 @ Scan

Native Instruments Discount the Maschine Range and S4 for Summer.

More special summer offers this time from Native Instruments who have put both of their Maschine controllers as well as the flagship DJ controller the S4.


Native Instruments MaschineNative Instruments Maschine


This drum machine/controller tool needs no introduction and since it’s launch has become a bit of a classic already.

Shipping with over 6GB of sounds and with many more libaries available not only does the Maschine package offer a new way to control your studio but also adds a vast selection of sounds to your sonic arsenal.

Available now for £329

Native Instruments Maschine @ Scan

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

 Maschine Mikro


The baby brother of the family still offers the same great sounds as the bigger model but cuts down the number of dials available to the end user. In real terms you keep much of the same great functionality but have to use various short cuts to get around. This makes the Mikro more suitable for the studio producers than the more live friendly Maschine, but is still guarenteed to rock your setup.


Available now for £199

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro @ Scan


Native Instruments Traktor S4Native Instruments S4


The last of our trio also needs no real introduction. This 4 channel is the flagship Dj controller and interface from Native Instruments and ships with the latest version of Traktor Pro 2.5 making it the complete package ready to plug into your laptop and speakers.


Available now for £629

Native Instruments Traktor S4 @ Scan

These offers are available until August the 31st.

For more information on all these products please see the Native Instruments website.