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Christmas Gifts for the Guitarist/Keyboardist in your life…

Christmas Gifts for the Guitarist/Keyboardist in your life…

Hosa CBT-500 Cable Tester


At first glance you might wonder why a guitar player would need such a device but bear with me, and I’ll try and explain…
Most Guitar players (and Keyboardists) use cables. They go from the Guitar or Keyboard to the amp or from the guitar to the pedals or the amp, and most guitar players have a bunch of them in their bag/case/sack.
Now, the problem with cables is that they can break without looking as if they’ve broken.
They can break internally and you won’t know anything about it until you try out your guitar on-stage, and there’s nothing. And then you have a possibly even bigger dilemma, if you’re using different cables between guitar/pedal/amp.
Which one is it? How fast can I replace it?
Enter the Hosa Cable tester, this will make the job so much easier…..

Also, what about that pile of old cables lying around his music room/bedroom/studio.
Why not spend an hour doing a definitive check of these and maybe save yourself a bit of cash. (cables are quite expensive), strangely enough, the cost of this cable tester is around the same price as a decent quality lead. Not a bad investment when you consider it.