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Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp

Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp

Ok, I have to confess a bias here before I start.

Thomas Blug is a German guitarist, who has for the last couple of decades, built a reputation for having one of the best Guitar tones in the business.

He’s also been a mate of mine for a long long time.

We met first at trade shows in the early ‘90’s when I was demonstrating Takamine and Parker guitars, and he was demonstrating for Hughes & Kettner amps (for whom he was hugely important in the development of their sound)

Later, the company I worked for, took over the distribution of Hughes & Kettner, and Tom and I worked together on sales and demo’s for the UK.

So I know him as an old friend.

I also know that he has 2 of the best ears in the business.

This guy really does know about guitar tones.

So when he announced he was coming to market with what appeared to be a pedal, I was intrigued.

But I needn’t have been, you see,

It’s still an amp.

In fact it’s all amp.

In fact it’s a fully functioning 100 watt amp head, that you can attach straight to a 4 X 12 cabinet and make a proper racket with.

Light, Portable and efficient, yet capable of generating a full 100 Watts of blistering tone, this amp is at home either on stage or in the studio.

The first time I heard it in the studio, I immediately removed all the other Amps, Amp sims, modelling units etc, because this, is the best I have ever used.

Bar none.

Because it’s real.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using my UA plug-ins for mixing down, but when it comes to tracking, there is nothing to beat a real amp.

And remember, it’s not just for the studio, it sounds unbelievable live too.

The Amp One features 4 configurable channels. Clean, Vintage Classic and Modern.

Each of these is switchable and has adjustable Boost and Reverb controls.

The amp also features a Killer speaker simulation output for use in the studio as well as a headphone out.

This tiny package, that can fit easily into Hand luggage or a gig bag, delivers a round, fat bass with crisp, non ‘tinny’ trebles and an overall tone that you’ll recognise immediately as that of a true modern, boutique amp.

Why not give us a ring and arrange to come and demo one in our new ‘Blue Room’ demonstration suite.

 Bluguitar AMP1 Nanotube 100 Guitar Amp



Vox Amp Plugs

Vox Amp Plugs:

JS AMplug
Joe Satriani model amp plug from VOX

As guitarists, we are used to being told to “Turn it Down!!!” or “Can’t you make that racket in another room?”…….
It’s something we get used to from an early age.
Now of course as an Electric guitar player, you have the option of  sitting and playing ‘unplugged’, and this will no doubt allow you to practise the mechanics of your guitar playing, but what we Reeeeally want is to be able to practise the dynamics and sonic elements of our playing, and thats why we need amps, preferably turned up loud….

VOX amplug
Vox AC30 ampplug

Well, not any more…..
These little beauties are made by Vox and are almost perfect for the Electric guitarist who wants to practise and hear his instrument at volume, without disturbing those around him. They come in all sorts of models from Clean Fender Twin to Very heavy Metal, and include Blues and Classic rock, and theres also a signature model from one Mr Joe Satriani.
Each has some basic control over the sound and includes a socket into which an iPod or iPhone or mp3 player can be plugged, thus allowing you to play to backing tracks of your choice.
But here’s the kicker, they sound really good.
Once you’ve got your headphones on you’re immersed in a pleasantly loud environment, where you can Pinch harmonics, dive bomb, volume swell, indeed all the stuff you can’t do just sat unplugged, and the best bit…..
The price….around £30.00.
Seriously, this is a must for all you guys who own a nice amp, but very rarely get it out in the house to practice on, and thats a lot of you….
I know ‘cos I’m one.

VOX Amplug
VOX Amplug


Vox Amp Plugs Are Available @ Scan