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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1

The Native Instruments Traktor Z1 is the ultimate, stick-it-in-yer-bag portable addon for Traktor users, both on PC and Mac, but also for Traktor DJ on iOS.

Fully compatible with all of the versions of Traktor, this unit is very similar to the Traktor S2 mixer section. Featuring the same faders and knobs as the S2 and S4, this really opens up the use of iOS Traktor App for iMac and iPhone (yes, it is even reported to work with iPhone too!)  “more than a bit of fun messing about” usage.  Not only does it give you a true stereo output and stereo headphone cue for iOS, it’s also an ultra-portable solution to anyone with its partner X1 or F1 controller for PC and Mac.


Native Instruments F1 Now Shipping

News reaches us that the eagerly anticipated new controllers from Native Instruments are finally making their way into the UK and should be ready for us to ship out in the next 7 days. Having all sorts of demonstrations over the last few months we’re looking forward to getting our hands on these finally, and whilst we could go into all the details here, we think it’ll be far more interesting to present to you a couple of the demo’s that have peaked our interest here in Scan.

Moldover’s Guitar

This one blew us away and caused a couple of pre-orders from the controllerists in our office!

Having had a quick hands on with the new Traktor release (also coming in the 7 days) we’re pleased to see the sound banks Moldover set up for this video, will be included so everyone out who picks up one of these controllers can give this a shot. Suprisingly easy to pick up what you see here is only just scratching the surface of what can be done from a performance point of view.

Dj Shiftee

A slightly more traditional demo, showing off how the F1 can be used in a battle scratch situation, but no less impressive.

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