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The PreSonus Studio 192 Interface

Presonus Studio 192

Offering up to 26 inputs and 32 outputs at 48kHz or 8 x 14 at 192 kHz simultaneously streams the Presonus Studio 192 could be an ideal solution for those wishing to mic, record and mix the whole band together. Offering 8 built in XMAX preamps with zero latency monitoring and the forthcoming option to expand your I/O by added a DigiMax DP88 8-preamp converter later in the year, this could be a stong contender in a section of the market which currently feels like it has a lack of options in the midrange that this interface is likely to target.

The Studio 192 is designed to be the central hub for any project or professional studio. The onboard Talkback mic can be routed to any mix and the onboard dim and mono options let you take control of your Main mix. Listen to any mix from either headphone amp. Use the ten balanced outputs for monitor mixing, speaker switching, or both, depending on how you work

Presonus Studio 192 rearControlling the Studio 192 you have the Presonus UC Surface control software with clients available for Windows, Mac and the Ipad allowing you quick and easy access to your recording and routing options no matter where you are in the studio.

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