Steinberg Goes Mini With The UR-12 USB Audio Interface

Steinberg UR12 pair

Cutting down the ever popular UR-22 to it’s very bare essentials the UR12 would appear to be the perfect fit for the artist working in the box and on the go. This 2 x 2USB 2 based solution offers a HI-Z 1/4″ jack connector and a balanced XLR with Yamaha D-Pre  amp for input duties along with a regular line output for getting the audio back out all topped off with great  24/192 capable converters . With a solid build and external power that will allow the unit to be also hooked up to an iPad when out and about it covers the basics at a great price, making it suitable for first time buyers and those needing a small, portable solution too.

Steinberg UR12 Front


Steinberg UR12 Rear

The Steinberg UR12 will be available in January 2015 for around £95

The Steinberg UR12 @ Scan

The Steinberg Range @ Scan