Uncategorized Errrrm, 417 Sleeps……..

Errrrm, 417 Sleeps……..

So, the best laid plans of Mice and Men eh?
The Manchester Music show has been postponed by a year, and now has a new home to boot….
It will take place on the 6th ,7th and 8th of November 2015, and is now going to be held at Event City, Manchester.
Event manager Chris Martin said: “We made the decision to postpone the show so that we can take the time to refocus the event, ensuring that it offers visitors and exhibitors alike a truly interactive experience, with a packed programme of features for musicians and music teachers, as well as those pursuing music industry careers. We’re also expanding to run over three days instead of two, which means we can put on a more substantial event for the industry.”
So….. See you down there in 2015!!

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