Summer Specials from RME

RME’s German engineered audio interfaces have long been known for their class-leading performance, unique features and bullet-proof reliability.  But they now also come with an incredibly tempting price tag!

Add the awesome power of RME’s flagship Fireface UFX, the next-generation Fireface 802, the feature-packed Fireface UCX, classic Fireface UC or the small but mighty Babyface to your set-up and you won’t only be making a big saving.  As an official UK RMExpert centre, Scan Pro Audio are also able to give you complete peace of mind with a full 5 year RME warranty.  And remember, this belt-and-braces backup is ONLY available through select UK RMExperts like us.  You won’t get a 5 year warranty anywhere else.

Like the British Summer, these prices might not be around for very long.  So make sure you’re not left out in the cold and grab yourself a real bargain today.



Was                       Now                      Save!

£449                    £399                     £50




Fireface UC

Was                       Now                      Save!

£739                     £639                        £100

Fireface UCX

Was                       Now                      Save!

£939                    £779                         £160


Fireface UFX

Was                       Now                      Save!

£1,569                 £1,499                     £70


Fireface 802

Was                       Now                      Save!

£1,199                  £1,119                      £80




Fireface 800
Was                       Now                      Save!

£949                     £859                         £90

Alphasphere Nexus




Every so often, a product comes along that excites me. It can be for different reasons, sound, control, ’newness’ etc.
This one excites me, frankly because it looks like something Doctor Who might play in his spare time….
So what is it?

Well, it’s an expressive, electronic musical instrument that is compatible with music production software, allowing you to compose, produce or perform.
The interaction design of the 48 tactile pads allows sound to be triggered and manipulated with subtlety. Each pad is pressure and velocity sensitive and fully compatible with MIDI polyphonic aftertouch.
The AlphaSphere is MIDI compatible, so you can use it in conjunction with all existing music production software. It is also OSC compatible and can be enabled as a controller for lighting and visual applications.
Designed with musicality in mind, a series of logical notational arrangements can be mapped around the spherical hexagonal lattice form, representing a departure from linear musical convention.
Explore the playing surface in combination with the accompanying software AlphaLive to unlock new musical ideas and your create own perfect ergonomic instrument.

In the end, all you need to know is that you can assign any sounds to any of the pads. It is completely customisable in that respect. After that, The AlphaSphere’s trigger pads feature an elastic surface that adds another dimension of expression over standard drum pads. In addition to playing the pads percussively to trigger drum sounds or samples, you can also hold and massage them with varied degrees of pressure, transmitting polyphonic aftertouch to modulate synth parameters or effects. Also, the note layout of the pads can be customized to a particular musical scale and key, both of which can be chosen from a provided bank
All in all, this is a new MIDI musical instrument, that captures the imagination, and when you finally see it live, it makes you want to play it!



Velocity 2014 is finally closed…


So Velocity 2014 has finally closed, and the winners will be announced very soon. A big thank you to everyone who took part, we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of entries, and we’re settling down to the task of shortlisting as we speak.
Keep your eyes open in the press and media over the next few weeks, as we’re going to be showing off our winners wherever we are able.
We’ll be sure to capture the winners and their phenomenal prizes on film and again we urge you to stop on by at the Scan homepage, where we’ll be sharing links etc.

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