Promotion & Exposure Just a little word about us……………….!!!!

Just a little word about us……………….!!!!


Why buy from Us?

Scan is a Family owned British company with over 160 staff and an annual Turnover of nearly £80m.

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable service, and we have the constant daily feedback from happy, satisfied customers to back this up.


Our delivery system is flexible and easy to use. You choose when you want it delivered and we’ll get it there on time, and with 100% order tracking inc. Alerts via SMS, email & web.

Within the Pro Audio department, we employ specialist people with specialist knowledge. Working professionals who use this equipment on a daily basis, and whose expertise is called upon by some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.


DJ’s, Sessions Musicians, Producers, and even a teacher go to make up our consulting staff.

Rest assured that when you buy from us you are dealing with experts in their particular field.

So, with the buying power to secure the best deals, Specialist staff, and incredible service…why wouldn’t  you buy from Scan?