Uncategorized Xmas Shopping Tips…..

Xmas Shopping Tips…..


So, with limited shopping days until Christmas, I want to put to paper, my thoughts on a little argument I was having with a friend the other day.

My friend was bemoaning the loss of ‘Christmas Spirit’ when shopping on-line, as opposed to the ‘human contact’ of traditional shopping which apparently embues one with the “Joys of the Season”.

Well, recalling my own experience these last few years, which has mainly involved, wet feet, freezing cold hands, queuing up (Which I HATE), shop assistants that have plainly ‘ had enough’, and finally that awful bit of trying to remember when your extortionate car park ticket runs out… may I suggest the following steps this Yuletide….

Set aside an hour one evening soon, in a nice warm and slightly darkened room….

Make sure you’re not disturbed, by telling others they will ‘ruin the surprise’ if they come in.

Take a glass of something festive, sherry or port, and a couple of mince pies, open your browser and find this page http://christmassongsradio.com/   tune in, and get ready to browse.

Make sure you have a pad and pencil with you, (or open up wordpad or its equivalent) and start your shopping. You don’t have to buy straight away, just take notes of what might do for who, and spend the next hour just happily clicking and sipping and nibbling with the gentle songs of Christmas spilling forth from your speakers. (Oh by the way, start here…  www.scan.co.uk   🙂  )

I promise you’ll get ‘Christmassy’ a lot faster this way…..

On behalf of everyone here at Scan, we wish you a Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.