Coming Soon…….

Coming Soon…..

We got a sneak preview of some very cool new monitors yesterday, and I think they could be a game changer…..

This is An Equator D8…


They say:

The D8 studio monitors have pro features;  balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced TRS inputs;  a calibrated stepped level sensitivity control; a 3 alternate voice boundary selection switch; an all wood cabinet, including a wood front baffle for optimum performance; a fully extended 2.5″ perfectly tuned front port, providing superior and accurate extended low-end response. And because the port is on the front baffle, the D8’s can be positioned close to a wall with no fear of the low-end being choked.

The coaxial transducer design of the system incorporates a steep 4th order crossover along with a newly applied DSP aided group delay filter in order to deliver a phase accurate detailed mid-range with unobstructed clarity in that complex 900Hz – 3 kHz range. Guitars, voices, strings, horns, & reverb trails are very clearly and accurately portrayed and any mid-range anomalies in the source material can be easily determined and addressed. Because of our matched transducer output, mid-range mix elements can be positioned in the stereo field without the fear of being misplaced. The D8 represents the next step forward in detailed clarity.

We Say:

Studio monitors are such a fundamental part of making music, and they can be so subjective, that we tend not to get too excited when we hear of ‘another’ brand coming to market, but these, these really are very good.

We got together here in Scan HQ and pushed some various Tracks through them. We have a fairly eclectic mix of tastes here in Scan Pro Audio, so these babies ran the gamut of Drum n Bass, Dubstep, through 80’s audiophile albums and I have to say, that for a small project studio, these are terrific.

I should add, they are also pretty substantial, ( I had to carry them upstairs!), and VERY reasonably priced……..

So keep an eye out for them in the near future, and if you’re in the market for a clear, detailed, punchy monitor with plenty of Sub and top end headroom, these could well be the very fellows for you.

Webcasts are Us!

SF behind Cam

Those of you who have followed our webcasts of late, will know that as we move forward we improve as we go.

It’s been quite the little learning curve, but slowly, we are able to add various things to our presentations, from screen in screen graphics through to Skype based interviews with people in Europe and the US, and all the time, we’re picking up new viewers.

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The list of shows over the next few weeks is a veritable who’s who of the Pro audio industry, so be sure to stop by and check us out, Thursdays at 7.00pm.

August 15th:   Propellorheads with Nektar keyboards

August 27th:  In Music with Alex Jann featuring MPC Renaissance

August 29th:        Roland  TBC   (These 2 dates may change around)

September 5th:  SE     TBC                             

September 12th: Presonus

September 19th:  Korg  Volcas with Luke

September 26th:   Native Instruments