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Pads and Phones for Music: Is it ever REALLY going to happen?


There is hardly a week goes by when some manufacturer doesn’t reconstruct or re-fashion a piece of kit and it is re-born as an app for various tablets and phones.

Amongst the various synths and DAWS, some work better than others, and the emergence of some big players such as Steinberg ( Cubasis) and Fruity Loops has made the idea of producing usable tracks a much more plausible reality. However, if these apps are to be truly useful, much depends on the ability to get real instruments and voices into the devices, and one of these is the focus of this blog…..

Apogee JAM:

JAM is a digital converter from Apogee (synonomous with great recorded sound) specialy designed to get your guitar sound into the pad or phone at the optimum levels and sound quality.

It’s easy to use, it has a green light to show that you’re good to go, and a small thumbwheel to control the input volume.

It works with Garageband on the iPad and iPhone or with any core audio compatible application on a Mac.

It’s so important for a guitarist to know that his tone is intact before it goes into any kind of processing, it defines how you use the effects, and Apogee have created this interface to be as transparent as possible.

I can’t see any reason why the iPad can’t function as a superb ‘Ideas’ pad. Once the guitar sound is captured, there are plenty of options to mess with the sound and get creative with.

There are still many reasons why I can’t see the iPad being a serious piece of studio kit for recording guitars, but at least to start with, there is now a practical, easy way of delivering a great guitar tone into your device.


Apogee JAM:

• PureDIGITAL instrument connection for pristine sound quality
• Direct digital connection to iPad, iPhone or Mac
• Designed specifically for electric guitar and electric bass
• Optimized for active and passive pickups
• No configuration, just plug in and play
• Easily adjust input levels for any instrument
• Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring
• Made for GarageBand, Logic, and MainStage
• Works with 30-pin port and Lightning* port iOS devices