Equipment & Instruments,Production & Technique TC Helicon Harmony Singer…. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!

TC Helicon Harmony Singer…. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!

TC Helicon Harmony Singer….. YES YES YES!!!!


Every once in a while I see a product that I just know I have to have, and fresh from Frankfurt Musik Messe 2013, here is my first choice.


The All New TC Helicon Harmony Singer is a vocal tool aimed at Guitarists who sing.

It reads the guitar signal coming in and generates the correct harmonies based on the chords you play.

However, it’s not just that feature that excites me.

For years, singers in small venues have been at the mercy of local PA operators, who’s knowledge of vocalists needs is sketchy compared to their prowess in say, miking up a drum kit.

What’s beauuuuuudiful about this little device is that TC Helicon (who have no small experience in this field,) have put together just the right e.q./ compression / gate combination, to give everyone who uses their pedal, a nice punchy ‘in the studio’ type sound, combined with a choice of 3 very useful reverbs.

This means that even with the Harmony switch off, the actual signal going to the PA is much cleaner and boosted correctly to give any vocalist a fighting chance.

After watching the video, the unit seems a doddle to use.


It’s very intuitive and at a suggested price of 149 Euros, I think it’s going to sell out to the thousands of Club/Wedding/Function band guitarists out there.