Computer Music - Hardware RME Octamic XTC, MADIFace USB


Rme have even more in store for us, with the new Octamic XTC preamp.
The bottom line is that is has eight remote controlled preamps to complement the existing four in the UFX, or two in the UCX.

Plugging this device in at the same time on USB as either the UFX or UCX should enable totalmix to identify these as extra channels, appearing as extra inputs in your DAW automatically alongside your interface.
It also gives you an additional pair of headphone outputs for monitor mixes.

The unit can be remote controlled from totalmix, or via Midi and also features MADI, AES and ADAT connectivity, at sample rates up to 192k / 24 Bit.

Detailed Specs, Price and Availability is still TBC



• 8 x Mic/Line Preamps, digitally controlled (4 x PAD, 4 x Hi-Z switchable)

• 2 x Stereo Analogue Outputs

• 4 x AES/EBU I/O

• 1 x ADAT I/O (2 x out S/MUX)

• 1 x MADI I/O optical

• 1 x MIDI I/O DIN

• 2 x MIDI I/O USB

• 1 x MIDI over MADI

Also new from RME is the Madiface USB, a no frills way of connecting MADI to …. well… almost anything with USB 2.0 on it. Coax and Optical inputs, Totalmix mixer, Does what it says on the tin.


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