Scan News How WE do it…… (or, what we want the most………..)

How WE do it…… (or, what we want the most………..)

How WE do it…… (or what we want the most….)


This little blog piece, comes after a brief discussion I just had with a customer, and I think it warrants writing down, so I don’t have to repeat it so many times……

Scan Pro Audio:

Scan Pro Audio (and for that matter the Pro Video and Pro Graphics side), has grown organically out of our core business of manufacturing award winning PC’s.

Our Audio PC’s are used by some of the biggest artists/producers/studios in Europe, and as our PC’s became more successful, so there was some pressure on Scan to carry the ‘logical’ add-ons to the system itself, i.e. Soundcards, Speakers etc.

Eventually, it became obvious that a separate ‘Pro Audio’ division was necessary, and Scan Pro audio was born.

So what’s so different about us?


First off, We don’t carry everything…..

Let’s say that again…..

We don’t carry everything…..

Let’s try and explain this philosophy………

Say, that someone comes to town, and they want to buy a Vocal microphone, and they have £200.00 to spend.

They visit shop “A”, who say “OK, which brand were you looking for?”

Now at this point we need to consider Shop A’s options…..

They want the business, and will do anything possible to stop the customer going elsewhere.

They will have certain microphones that they carry in stock, because they have a ‘deal’ with the manufacturer, and obviously these will be the first they suggest, the customer may find that if they enquire about a different brand, it’s put down as inferior or not as reliable, and they’ll push hard to supply the ones they stock, and it will be argued by some that this is just ‘good business’.

So maybe our visitor goes to shop “B”, and this dealer is one of many, especially dealers with an on-line presence, that claim to have ANY microphone you request in stock, they will take payment, and then tell you the item is one its way. (Only, the next phone call they make after speaking to you is straight to the manufacturer, to order the item in question, and when you subsequently call to chase your order, they will fob you off with a tale of computer stock errors and re-stocking problems, but it’ll be with you within the next couple of days, and they’ll phone you as soon as it’s in etc………)


We however, do things a little bit differently to most other retailers….

You see, it may be that we only carry 2 makes of microphone.

And we’ll tell you that.

And that may seem a small amount, not a huge choice…..

It may be that you have heard great things about one of the brands that we don’t carry,

You may even have seen a great review.

And we’ll accept that.

But we will ONLY carry stock that we know, and believe in.

We will ONLY carry stock that we have had first-hand experience of ourselves.

We will ONLY carry stock that we believe to be the best value for YOUR money.

We have spent literally thousands of man-hours, testing, evaluating and re-testing equipment, until we know this stuff really well. ( We once loaded one of every monitor speaker we could get our hands on, and drove it to Tom’s studio facility, where over 2 days we proceeded to test every speaker, not only in isolation, but in combination  with each other……)

And we will never recommend any product that hasn’t been tested or used by at least one of our team, in a professional capacity.

(Our bench-testing for Sound cards, is extremely rigorous. We are one of only two places in the world using the bench-test, the other is in Australia, and he’s the guy that invented the programme…)

That way, whenever we do sell you something, we know that it will be totally fit for purpose, and the best value you could hope for.

You’ll also know that WE know what we’re talking about……

And that way, you’ll learn to trust us.

And once you trust us, you’ll be happy to come back and take our advice again ,

And that…..

Is what we want the most…..