Equipment & Instruments Home Piano's: A return to cool……

Home Piano's: A return to cool……

The Home Piano: A return to cool……

Over the years, all the leading manufacturers, Korg, Yamaha and Roland have enjoyed healthy sales in the area of ‘Home Piano’.

These instruments have evolved over time, from garish looking, Japanese style influenced, plastic wood finished monstrosities that sounded like high end musical boxes, to extremely sleek pieces of furniture with on-board sounds indistinguishable from the real things they emulate, whether that was a Grand piano, an electric piano, or a clavinet/harpsichord.

However, they were always fraught with the idea, that a family would buy one, and then be faced with the extra costs of tuition, books and the possibility that the kids would get bored learning ‘Chopsticks’ and give up on the thing.

So why, are Home Piano sales very much on the rise, and why is piano playing cool again?  

Look no further than You Tube.

Nowadays, your teenage daughter or indeed Dad himself, can find pretty much any song or style they want to learn, and you can almost guarantee someone out there has put up a video showing you how to play it. Just stick your iPad or laptop on the top of the piano, and you’re away…..

With all the ease of the  online video, (slow it down, pull it back, repeat sections), kids are learning to play music they know and like, in a fraction of the time it used to take via traditional methods, and its making piano playing cool again!

Check it out for yourself, go to You Tube and enter ‘Katy Perry Firework’ for example, followed by ‘piano tuition’, and then, when you’ve seen how easy it can be, check back at the Scan site to see our range of very reasonably priced home pianos.

Go on, gather round the Piano this Christmas………….