KORG KROME: Set to clean up the workstation market?

Once again, it looks like the mighty Korg are set to clean up the workstation market with the announcement of the new Korg KROME workstation available now.

So what’s exciting about the Korg KROME?

Lets have a little look:

First off, this is a KORG workstation, which means that you are benefitting from years of  experience as the world leaders in this area.
Next, its born from the Korg KRONOS, undoubtedly the best workstation available in the world today.  It has the Korg KRONOS-derived full length, unlooped piano and drum sounds, plus new electric pianos designed to shine on stage, and these electric pianos have eight levels of velocity switching for total expressive control.
640 programs and 288 combis mean it will cover pretty much every sound type you’re going to need.

It has the big 7 inch colour TouchView screen from Korg KRONOS so you can clearly see what you’re doing, and remember with 5 Inserts, 2 Master, and 1 Total FX, plus per track/timbre EQ you will be doing a lot of tweaking and experimenting.
It offers the Drum Track feature, which is a superb tool for playing along to, making practice a lot more enjoyable, and adding realistic backing if you’re playing live.
The incredibly high quality drum samples are all able to be mixed seperately and it’s able to talk to your computer via USB and the Korg KROME Editor software.
It also includes an SD card slot for extra data storage.

But, all of this isn’t the exciting bit……

No, the exciting bit is that you can buy this state of the art, fantastically specced workstation, that will work superbly both Live and in the studio for the unbelievable price of…..


Now that is exciting……..

You can read more about the Korg KROME here

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