Christmas: Old ideas: New Instruments……
We take a look at a couple of stocking fillers from Korg
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Steinberg has announced the latest edition of its flagship production suite this morning in the form of Cubase 8 and is promising work flow improvements and tweaks galore. Offering new audio tools, greater productivity and more musical creativity, Cubase Pro 8 continues to technical innovation and artistic inspiration in one powerful, accessible production environment.

So [...]

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Christmas Gifts for the Guitarist/Keyboardist in your life…

Hosa CBT-500 Cable Tester


At first glance you might wonder why a guitar player would need such a device but bear with me, and I’ll try and explain…
Most Guitar players (and Keyboardists) use cables. They go [...]

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Old Ideas : New Instruments

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents look at options for presents for their little darlings, and many of them will consider a musical instrument as parents have done over the ages.

Most everyone knows the benefits of learning an instrument, self discipline, a sense of worth, [...]

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In an attempt to get ahead of all the December sales and in perfect time to make it onto your X-mas wish list (it may even fit in a stocking!) Novation drops the price of their small but perfectly formed Mininova synth.

This 37 note controller keyboard [...]

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Do you have a kid that likes to Drum on the back of the car seat, or on the table?

Do they seem to have an innate need to bash their hands and fingers like a drummer?

Well from November, boy, have we got a Christmas present for them……..

The Korg [...]

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The King Korg is a ‘Live’ synth like no other.
It’s a powerhouse of authentic and satisfying ‘classic’ sounds, made easy to play and access in a live situation. It has plenty of knobs to turn, it has Vacuum tube drive circuitry and Gate outputs, and it comes with a [...]

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Its that time again!!!!

On October 20, 2014 By

It’ll soon be that time of year again!!!
Whilst I don’t like to start any kind of festivities until around a fortnight before Christmas, we have to acknowledge that for Mums and Dads especially, they have no choice but to start planning WAYYYY beforehand, so here are a couple of thoughts as to gifts [...]

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